Alert! Mindy Kaling Is Flaunting Her Mega-Toned Legs In A Minidress On IG

Alert! Mindy Kaling Is Flaunting Her Mega-Toned Legs In A Minidress On IG

  • Mindy Kaling was just on vacation in India, and she took the time to show off her super sculpted legs.
  • The star, 43, donned a flouncy, cute minidress that put her strength on display in the various Instagram photos she shared.
  • Mindy has said she’s the “healthiest [she’s] ever been,” right now, and she’s all about hydration.

Can everyone just take a moment to acknowledge the fact that Mindy Kaling is having a serious style moment? The Velma star has been rolling out gorgeous outfit after gorgeous outfit, and she has clearly been finding her stride in 2022 and 2023.

Now, Mindy is in Jaipur, India, and naturally, she brought her fashion A-game. The 43-year-old star posted a slew of shots on Instagram of herself in the Pink City in a gorgeous flouncy belted dress that showed off her seriously strong legs. She kept the caption simple, writing, “The Pink City,” as people cheered her on in the comments.

“Perfect lewk ❤️” said Rebecca Rittenhouse. “Goddess 😍,” said another. And then there were a zillion questions about her dress. (BTW, it’s from Rhode!)

Mindy seems super happy—and strong—lately, and she recently told SELF that she’s learned to like exercise. As a result, she said, she’s the “healthiest I’ve ever been.”

Mindy shared that she didn’t always have a healthy mindset around exercise. “In my 20s, I thought working out was only effective if it was very punishing, you hated it, and it was kind of solitary,” she said. “And you had to look a certain way after doing it.”

Now, she prefers doing shorter workouts, like going for a 15-minute walk. She also keeps tabs on how much activity she does, and aims to walk for three to four miles a day. Also in the mix: strength training, yoga, and group fitness classes. “I refuse to let it get monotonous,” she said of her workout routine.

She’s also into trying new things. “I do any trendy workout,” she told SELF.

Mindy eats healthy, too. She told Women’s Health that she usually grabs breakfast on the run, and it’s often a “liquid salad” smoothie of spinach, banana, kale, lemon, pear, apple, cucumber, celery, and coconut water or tap water. Lunch is usually a turkey sandwich or sushi.

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At lunchtime, Mindy said she tries to minimize her carb intake. “I usually try not to have a huge bowl of pasta, otherwise I’ll go to sleep instantly afterwards,” she said.

The likes to snack on Australian red licorice, or a couple of gummy worms before dinnertime, which often includes fish and some kind of grain. “I can’t eat salmon more than twice a week, so I try to mix it up with a different fish,” she said. If she’s ordering takeout, she’ll opt for Ethiopian or Korean food, or cook chicken curry with cauliflower rice or regular rice and a salad.

But Mindy made it very clear that hydration is important to her. She has 50 ounces of water before 7 a.m. (not a typo) and swears it’s a mood-booster. “That’s a huge weight off my shoulders because I think hydration is so key,” she said. “Half the times I’m in a bad mood it’s because I’m not hydrated, so for me that’s super important.”

Pass the H2O.

Alert! Mindy Kaling Is Flaunting Her Mega-Toned Legs In A Minidress On IG

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