Alexandra Daddario Is Toned AF Hanging In A Bikini Top With Her Pup On IG

  • Alexandra Daddario is ready for some sunshine, and her latest Instagram post proves it.

  • The actress dropped some pics of her lazy day in the sun, where she showed off her super strong legs and a peek of abs while lounging with her dog.
  • Alexandra loves getting active outside before heading back indoors to chef it up in the kitchen.

Warmer weather is finally creeping in and Alexandra Daddario is here for it.

The White Lotus star just dropped a bunch of photos of herself enjoying the sunshine with her pup, and she looks so strong and happy. First, there’s Alex hanging on a lounge chair in a pretty bikini that shows off a little peek of her toned abs as her dog hangs in the shade, then several shots of Alex’s dog literally smiling, and finally, Alex showing off her sculpted legs while wrapped in a towel with her dog.

“🏖️☀️,” she wrote in the caption. People were all about it in the comments. “Oh Lord have mercy,” said one, while another chimed in with, “gorgeous as always…🔥❤️😍.”

So, what does she do to get so fit and glowy (besides loving on her dog, of course)? Alex previously told Women’s Health that she’s big into hot yoga and acupuncture. “​​If I do them back-to-back, it’s almost like a computer rebooting,” she said.

She shared a BTS look at her yoga practice last year, rolling easily through moves like child’s pose and downward dog like it was nothing.

Alexandra also works with trainer Patrick Murphy. The two first joined forces back in 2015 before Alex starred in Baywatch. Together, they focused on things like back strengthening exercises for her posture, which included dumbbell rows, dynamic bridges, and reverse flies. They also did some hip and glute activation to tone up Alex’s booty. Murphy told WH that his famous client is super dedicated. “She puts in the work and never looks for shortcuts,” he said.

When she’s not in the gym, Alexandra is all about getting active outside. “I’ve found that my body heals faster and responds better if I’m in tune with myself and can be in nature,” she explained.

When it comes time for her meals, Alexandra told Women’s Health that she loves to chef it up herself. “When I’m at home or I have a kitchen, I love to cook,” she said. Breakfast is usually a cappuccino with fruit, eggs whites with spinach, and toast.

Lunch may be something like a Beyond Burger or a stir fry with chicken, zucchini, mushrooms, and carrots, along with an iced green or black tea. And for dinner, Alex will usually have something like a filet with pasta.

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“The other day we had leftover chipotle chicken, and I just threw that in some pasta. I just am obsessed with making all different flavors of pasta–to the point where my husband starts to be like, ‘No more pasta!’” she said. “Everyone’s obsessed with Parmesan cheese in the house, so I put a lot of parmesan on everything with olive oil or butter. Sometimes a combo if it’s a really exciting night!”

Anyone else getting hungry?

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