Alison Brie Is #CoupleGoals Streaking Nude To Surprise Her Hubby On IG

Alison Brie Is #CoupleGoals Streaking Nude To Surprise Her Hubby On IG

  • Alison Brie just streaked nude through her hotel in a new Instagram video to surprise her husband, Dave Franco, and it is total couple goals.
  • The actress showed off her super toned butt and abs as she ran down the long hallway.
  • Alison loves doing strength training workouts at celeb-favorite gym, Rise Movement.

Streaking through a hotel with Alison Brie? Officially adding it to my bucket list. The Somebody I Used To Know star decided to calm her husband, Dave Franco’s nerves in a rather…unconventional way ahead of their big premiere. Alison ran around their hotel completely naked before knocking on her hubby’s door and wishing him a happy premiere day.

Dave, who seemed used to this silly behavior, told his wife to get out of the hall. To which Alison responded, “I’ve done three laps already!”

FWIW, Alison actually loves being nude and recently talked about it on the Las Culturistas podcast with Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers. The 40-year-old actress said her love of nudity started when she was a college student at the California Institute of the Arts, which has a clothing-optional policy.

Allison said this helped her to learn to love her body and feel comfortable exactly where she is. And sillyness aside, Alison is super toned and strong in the video, from her butt to her abs, which is no easy feat as she was literally sprinting down a hallway in the nude.

If you’re curious about the actress’ health and wellness routines, I’ve got you covered. For starters, Alison is big into strength training and has been known to visit celebrity-favored gym, Rise Movement. She shared videos of her doing a pretty intense one-legged squat combo, all while holding a barbell with some serious weights on it. That takes some serious strength.

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She also shared a video of herself dominating a push-up exercise with just piles of weights on her back. This woman is *not* messing around.

But strength training hasn’t always been a breeze for Alison. She had to work up to her current routine. In 2017, Alison’s longtime trainer Jason Walsh told Women’s Health that when Alison began her GLOW training, she couldn’t do a full pushup. “She started on the wall, then worked her way down, and now she can do chain pushups in sets of eight,” says Walsh.

Thank you, Alison for giving us total couple goals, in addition to strength inspo!

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