Alison Brie Shows Off Her Epic Booty In A Thong Leotard & Cowboy Boots On IG

  • This week,

    Alison Brie donned a thong leotard, cowboy boots, and angel wings in an Instagram Story.

  • In the pics, which she dubbed her “fairy godmother” look, Alison showed off her super-toned butt and legs.
  • For her workouts, Alison works with Jason Walsh, and the two totally get after it.

Alison Brie is living her best life this summer, and she’s sharing a little bit of that August magic with her social media followers. This week, Alison shared an angelic (and totally epic) picture of herself on her Instagram Story. Trust me when I say it is the perfect dose of summertime shennanigans you need today.

In the pic, the Community actress, 40, was posing in a neon-pink thong leotard, cowboy boots, and a pair of cartoon angel wings. She was poised on just one leg, as if she were about to take off in flight. Of course, this iconic ‘fit highlighted her super-strong, sculpted booty and legs. “I’ll be your fairy godmother,” she captioned the pic. And if you missed the post the first time around, here’s a peek at the Story she shared:

alison brie leotard

Alison Brie posts on her Instagram Story.

Alison Brie


Wondering how she works on that epic booty tone? Well, first thing to know is that Alison loves to get her body moving outdoors. This summer, she shared pics of herself learning to surf. “Tried a new thing! 🌊,” she captioned the pics.

Hiking is another one of the star’s favorite ways to get active. This low-impact workout is a great way to get your heart-rate up fast, while toning your glutes, quads and core.

But besides fitting in a workout in the great outdoors, she’s also extremely dedicated to the work she does in the gym. Alison works with personal trainer, Jason Walsh, and credits him with helping her implement more strength training into her routine. “Everything was cardio, cardio, cardio. I thought, I’m in my late 20s, I should probably start doing some strength training,” she shared with Women’s Health in 2020.

Alison got in an impressive upper body workout with Walsh earlier this year, and shared a video of herself doing 11 chin-ups.

The two also dropped a gnarly workout in 2021. “A lesson in drop sets…and keeping your cool under pressure 🤣 (push-ups with 40lbs/30lbs/20lbs/10lbs/0lbs),” she captioned the video.

On the food front, Alison has said that she prefers to follow a vegan or vegetarian diet when she’s not preparing for a role, per her interview with Women’s Health. But when she is in movie-prep training, it’s all about fueling up with protein and healthy fats.

Alison has said that she typically starts her day with oatmeal mixed with protein powder followed by a chocolate and sea salt Après vegan protein shake after her morning workouts.) For lunch, she’ll whip up a combo of tuna salad with veggies: Spinach, olives, avocado, and cucumber are in the mix.

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You should also know that this actress has an affinity for hash browns, and shared a snap of herself looking lovingly at a plate of them on Instagram. “✨loves a hash brown✨,” she captioned the pic.

Same, Alison! YGG.

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