Anitta Celebrates Her Grammy Nom By Flashing Her Abs On A Motorcycle On IG

Anitta Celebrates Her Grammy Nom By Flashing Her Abs On A Motorcycle On IG

  • ICYMI,
    Anitta was just nominated for a Grammy Award, and she celebrated in classic Anitta style.
  • The Brazilian singer showed off her toned abs in a cute crop top while posing on top of a motorcycle in new pictures she posted to Instagram.
  • Anitta isn’t super into working out, but she likes to fit a sweat sesh in for her overall health.

Anitta is having a serious moment right now. She’s been nominated for a Grammy and has been pretty much everywhere. Of course, you have to celebrate when you’re nominated for a friggin’ Grammy, and Anitta is all about it.

This week, the Brazilian singer dropped a slew of photos of herself hanging out in a cool-girl army green outfit with a cropped sweatshirt that showcased her totally jacked abs. There’s Anitta posing in a hallway, Anitta casually resting against a motorcycle (as one does), and Anitta back in that hallway with a new, even more abs-showcasing pose. Anitta’s gotta do what Anitta does, you know?

“Grammy nominated at the Grammy week,” she wrote in the caption. People cheered her on in the comments. “LFG ANITTTTAAAA 🔥🔥🔥🔥,” said Hannah Stocking, while there were plenty of “linda”s (beautiful) in the mix.

Anitta is clearly not screwing around in the fitness department. So, what does she do to get so strong? Anitta recently told Women’s Health that she’s not a huge fan of working out, but she still does it to help her stay in shape for her fast-paced performances—and her health.

That means doing a lot of strength training, focusing “particularly [on] the muscles [in the] legs, arms, back, and boom boom,” or, the booty, she said. She also does yoga and Pilates, which not only helps her get those impressive abs, it helps reduce pain. “Pilates helps so much with my back and [other] physical problems,” she said. She also tries to do a combat sport like Muay Thai or jiu-jitsu once a week, too.

Anitta also goes allll in with her performances. Like, check out the HR-pumping jumping routine she did for the NFL (it’s basically one big cardio session):

Anitta also recently dropped a performance video where she was wearing sneakers onstage because she was constantly moving, twerking, and doing plank-twerk combinations. If that doesn’t tone your abs and booty, I don’t know what does… .

The singer also did an ad for Adidas last year, where the brand followed her around in the gym. Among other things, Anitta did dumbbell bench presses and squats with a barbell like a total champ. Clearly she knows her way around the equipment.

Of course, she needs energy for all of that movement, so Anitta follows a nutritious, plant-based diet. She told Women’s Health that she starts her day with celery juice, followed by oatmeal pancakes topped with peanut butter, and some fruit.

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Lunch is usually some kind of salad with mushrooms, beans, or sweet potatoes. Anitta also says she’s “the biggest snacker in the world” and she’s super into Lay’s potato chips (she’s a spokesperson, BTW). Anitta says she prefers to eat in for dinner, and pasta is usually on the menu—especially if it’s gluten-free.

Anitta, everyone!

Anitta Celebrates Her Grammy Nom By Flashing Her Abs On A Motorcycle On IG

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