Ashley Graham Shows Off How To Achieve Her Epic Booty  In New IG Video

Ashley Graham Shows Off How To Achieve Her Epic Booty In New IG Video

Ashley Graham is putting in the booty work! The model recently posted a video of herself deadlifting on her Instagram story, and she looked totally strong and toned all over while doing it.

The model, 35, shared her fitness inspo, too. “This is what a homegrown 🍑 looks like,” she wrote in the post, and gave a shout out to the celebrity personal trainer Kira Stokes. Kira reportedly trained with Ashley all throughout her pregnancy in 2019, per Women’s Health U.K. (ICYDK, Ashley has three children now—her twin sons, Malachi and Roman, who were born last year, and her three-year-old son Isaac, per Entertainment Tonight).

In the video, it looks like Ashley is deadlifting two 25 (!!) pound weights. Like a good trainer, Kira talks Ashley through the proper form for deadlifting.

“Abs strong, posture, bar close to the shins,” Kira explains in the video. She also compliments Ashley’s “gorgeous” neutral spine. By the end of the video, Ashley completes nine reps. I love a weightlifting queen!

As a model, Ashley lives a pretty active lifestyle and loves hitting up her favorite workout spots. “I’m always at the gym,” she told SELF in 2018. “I probably go to the gym like five days a week.”

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As for which gyms she frequents most, Ashley was known for spending time at the celeb-loved gym The Dogpound, and used to train with the gym’s cofounder Dawin Peña.

In fact, Peña opened up to Women’s Health in 2017 and explained some of Ashley’s favorite workouts—including weights with a high rep count, calisthentics, and HIIT training. Some of Ashley’s favorite moves include squats, burpees, and planks.

One thing Ashley really doesn’t like though? Running. The model told SELF it’s the one exercise she’s never liked. For her cardio, she prefers using a Stairmaster, which she told WH she purchased while pregnant with her twins.

For low-impact exercise, Ashley loves a yoga session. And her go-to spot for a class is at Sky Ting Yoga in New York, she previously told WH.

Whether it’s an epic weightlifting session or a calming yoga class, Ashley views all exercise as self care. “I’m always so glad after I leave the gym. Like, I’m so proud of you, Ashley,” she previously told WH.

Same, TBH. Thanks for the inspo, Ashley!

Ashley Graham Shows Off How To Achieve Her Epic Booty  In New IG Video

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