At 66, Denise Austin Wears Same Swimsuit From 30 Years Ago In Then-And-Now Pics

  • Denise Austin just posted an incredible side-by-side throwback picture, and fans are obsessed.

  • In both photos, she wears the same hot pink bathing suit—30 years apart.
  • The fitness star reflects on “how far [she’s] come” in her career.

Denise Austin became a fitness and wellness icon in the ’80s and ’90s making her classic VHS workout videos and starring in her own hit television show, Getting Fit With Denise Austin. Now, decades later, the 66-year-old fitness star is celebrating her strength on Instagram by posting side-by-side “then and now” throwback pictures from the ’90s.

In both photos, the star models the same hot pink, one-piece swimsuit—showing off toned legs and arms.

“Flashback Friday!!! WOW!! what an incredible memory to look back on!! This Then and Now brings back such nostalgia…I wore this suit back in the ’90s while shooting my TV show!! How many of you remember watching???” Austin captioned the post.

“I still feel as confident and fit as ever and love that I have this suit to remind me how far I’ve come!! Longevity baby!!!” Austin continued. “Thank you to everyone that has always supported me. THEN and NOW!!!! xoxo.”

Fans were understandably amazed by the fitness icon’s stunning photos. “I’m thinking she looks even better now. A lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle and great, positive energy,” one fan wrote. “Just incredible Denise, you are amazing 🙌,” another chimed in, One fan called her an “ageless beauty” and another added that she is “looking better with every year.”

Austin often speaks about “longevity,” and what she does to achieve it. While you can find her signature, upbeat workout videos on Instagram (like easy workout moves for women over 50 or easy fat-burning cardio moves), there’s a little more that goes into how she looks and feels her best at 66.

“Waking up feeling grateful” is one of Austin’s top wellness tips, helping her stay motivated, she recently told Prevention. “I do honestly think that I stay positive mainly because I am really grateful for life. I really feel blessed and fortunate so that helps me,” she continued. Another tip? Posture. “Posture is the key to keeping young, and then keeping your muscles strong, which is really important as we age for women,” Austin explained, noting that it helps you breathe better, walk better, and strengthen your core.

From posting throwback pics to her experience walking the Sports Illustrated runway with her daughter, Katie Austin, her health tips and tricks are clearly worth following. She called being “65 in a bikini” on the infamous runway an “A ONCE IN A LIFETIME MOMENT!!” and “pure joy” when reflecting on the show via Instagram.

Fans love seeing Austin live her best life as the years pass. After all, her “focus” now is “to help women my age and over 50,” feel their best, she revealed in her latest interview with Prevention. “I have really enjoyed the changes and growing with my people and growing with my fans that have stayed with me for 35 years. It’s so fun,” she explained.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for the fitness star!

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