Catch A Peek Of Shay Mitchell’s Toned Body In This Cheeky Nude IG Pic

  • Shay Mitchell dropped a nude photo on Instagram that shows off just how totally toned all over she is, from a little peek of her booty to her long legs.

  • When it comes to fitting in a quick workout, the mom and actress likes using the OpenFit app.
  • Shay starts her day with lemon water and follows that up with a breakfast quesadilla.

Suns out, buns out! At least that seems to be Shay Mitchell’s view on things right now. The Pretty Little Liars actress posted a cheeky photo on her Instagram feed, showing Shay posing totally nude, with nothing but a real peach covering her booty. Yes, this star used an actual piece of fruit, not the emoji, to cover up her toned booty. Points for creativity, Shay!

Despite the fruit, it’s clear that Shay, 36, is super-toned from head to toe. Shay’s hair blows over her shoulder as she glances back at the camera, showing her sculpted legs and even a peek of her booty. ICYMI, she was posing for a promo for her tequila brand, Drink Onda, so of course, she’s holding a can in her hand beside her bum.

“Peach is BACK. Well, this Peach, at least. New flavors for whatever you’re into 😜,” she captioned the post. Shay’s followers loved the post and hyped her up in the comments! “That’s hot,” wrote Paris Hilton. “This. Is. Everything. 🍑,” added another person. Uh…definitely!

So if you’re wondering what Shay does to stay so strong, aside from expertly positioning fruit on her friends’ bodies, of course, you are in good company. Luckily, Shay dished on all of her health and wellness secrets to Women’s Health.

Those who want to follow along with Shay’s routine at home are in luck because the star uses the Openfit app. In fact, she uses the app to do four out of the five weekly workouts on her schedule. Shay actually has a partnership with the app, and does the workouts along with her friend Stephanie Shepherd.

“It changed everything,” she told WH. “I had way more energy; I don’t have five cups of coffee anymore. I can sound preachy when I’m talking about it, but it totally altered my year.”

When she’s not using the app, she has previously worked with personal trainer Kelsey Heenan, who would guide the star through HIIT workouts that include EMOMs (“every minute on the minute”-style workout circuits), jump squats, leg raises, squat presses, and deadlifts. She also loves to jump rope, go for hikes and take cycling classes. It’s safe to say Shay likes mixing things up in the fitness department.

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And based on this video of Shay holding a plank (for a very long time), I’d say her training routine is going quite well:

On the food front, Shay says she eats “healthy-ish.” The star told WH she starts her day with lemon water and a delicious breakfast quesadilla with eggs, spinach, cheese, and olive oil! Lunch is usually soup, and for dinner, Shay has noodles and veggies, with salad.

Keep crushing it in business and fitness, Shay!


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