Check Out Alison Brie’s Sculpted AF Legs In ‘Disco Ball’ Minidress Pics

  • Alison Brie brought *all* the good vibes during her Kelly Clarkson Show appearance this week.
  • The actress posted photos of her outfit on Instagram, and she was rocking some super strong legs in a ‘disco ball’ minidress, tights, and heels.
  • Alison loves working out with her trainer Jason Walsh, and has shared lots of fitspo on Instagram before.

Alison Brie was bringing an ultra-glam look for her appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show yesterday. The GLOW actress, 40, rocked a mirror ball minidress by SOL ANGELANN that she accessorized with sheer black tights and platform heels that highlighted her super strong and toned legs.

“Don’t sleep on this @kellyclarksonshow look,” she captioned the pics, along with two disco ball emojis.

Her fans were *all* about it. “Just waiting for a new season of glow🔥,” one person commented. “😍😍,” another wrote. And a third commented what everyone is thinking: “this disco ball dress really puts a new spin on things.”

If you’re curious to know how she gets those wildly strong legs, the first thing to know is that Alison is devoted to her gym workouts. She welcomed in 2023 with a killer workout with her trainer, Jason Walsh, and shared a video of herself crushing 10 impressive chin-ups.

Alison told Women’s Health in 2020 that Walsh helped her change up her fitness mindset. “Everything was cardio, cardio, cardio. I thought, I’m in my late 20s, I should probably start doing some strength training,” she shared.

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And for her role in Netflix’s female wrestling show GLOW, it was all about getting stronger. “It took the motivation out of being skinny for Hollywood standards and made it about being strong for lifting other women, literally. There was a real goal.”

Walsh had Alison center her workouts on “primitive movements” (think crawling or rolling, pushing and pulling a heavy sled, performing trap bar deadlifts, and tons of squats, presses, or lunges).

Last year, Alison shared another video of a workout with Walsh that was, “A lesson in drop sets…and keeping your cool under pressure 🤣 (push-ups with 40lbs/30lbs/20lbs/10lbs/0lbs),” she captioned the video.

And another way Alison stays super fit is hiking the trails in Los Angeles. She recently shared a pic of herself and a friend sipping water during a hike.

And she loves to stay active riding horses.

As for her diet, Alison makes sure to fuel herself well for her tough workouts. She shared with Well + Good that during GLOW she was “eating constantly,” with a diet full of protein, veggies and healthy fats. “A lot of women, especially in my profession, feel like they have to starve themselves to lose weight,” she shared. “I’ve certainly felt that way in the past. But while training for the show, I was eating more than ever and I’ve never felt better.”

She also told Women’s Health that breakfast is usually oatmeal with protein powder followed by a chocolate and sea salt Après vegan protein shake after her morning workouts. Lunch is a tuna salad with spinach and veggies like olives, avocado, cucumber. And dinner includes ground-turkey stir-fries. She also shared that in her ‘normal’ life, when she’s not prepping or shooting, she likes to eat vegan or vegetarian.

Oh, and she also loves a good cocktail.

I love it, Alison!

Emily Shiffer is a former digital web producer for Men’s Health and Prevention, and is currently a freelancer writer specializing in health, weight loss, and fitness. She is currently based in Pennsylvania and loves all things antiques, cilantro, and American history.