Demi Lovato Just Dropped A Fierce Pantsless Pic On IG, And She’s Looking 🔥🔥🔥

  • Demi Lovato has been busy making music. And she’s looking extra fine as she does it.

  • The 30-year-old singer recently took to Instagram to drop a series of pantsless photos, and I gotta say: I’ve never seen legs that toned!
  • To stay fit, she works out for at least an hour each day. She also does it for her mental health.

Demi Lovato has been busy making music lately. And she just casually dropped pantsless photos of herself hanging out with a guitar—as one does.

The photos are pretty simple: They feature Demi wearing an oversized white tee layered over black tights, clutching a green electric guitar while lounging in a leather chair. She looks strong, happy, and seriously glowy—and I love to see it.

“Meet my favorite guitar 🖤,” she wrote in the caption. People bugged out in the comments: “U r the most beautiful person in the world!” one wrote. While another chimed in with, “You just look so radiant.”

Demi has been through a lot over the past few years, including mental health and addiction challenges, and she’s been open about the importance of educating people on mental health. “It’s a passion of mine,” she previously told Women’s Health. “It’s possible to live well, feel well, and also find happiness with bipolar disorder or any other mental illness they’re struggling with.”

On the fitness front, Demi trains at the Unbreakable Performance Center, an under-the-radar, members-only gym in Los Angeles that focuses on NFL players, plus MMA and UFC fighters. Demi previously told SELF magazine that she loves to get sweaty at the gym. “I first got into jiu-jitsu because I loved watching people grapple,” she said. “I think it’s really cool to learn something that helps you with self-defense.”

Demi previously told WH that she works out for an hour to an hour and a half daily to support her mental health. “I actually exercise as much as possible because there’s something that it does—it just helps,” she said, noting that she likes to do a mix of circuit training, biking, and hiking. “I feel like exercise is kind of a form of meditation for me—what it does to me spiritually and physically,” she said.

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Demi has also been open about her journey to body positivity, and has shared plenty of Instagram posts in the past that celebrate all parts of her body. “I’m insecure about my legs in this picture but I’m posting it because I look so happy and this year I’ve decided I’m letting go of my perfectionism and embracing freedom from self criticism,” she captioned an older post. “These are what I call no more dieting thighs and I’m proud of them #thickthighssavelives,” she captioned another leg shot that she’s since deleted.

Demi Lovato, everyone!

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