Diane Kruger’s Epic Legs Totally Stole The Show In These Minidress Pics

  • Diane Kruger is stealing the show in some new photos from Paris Fashion Week.
  • The actress, who is 46, showed up in a 80s-style minidress that showed off her incredibly strong legs.
  • Diane is a big fan of strength training, and has put in some serious work to get strong for her various film roles over the years.

Diane Kruger is currently taking Paris Fashion Week by storm. The actress, 46, hit the Schiaparelli show in a 80s-inspired co-ord jacket and minidress with a matching beret. While Diane was looking super fashionable, the whole look also highlighted her super sculpted legs.

“It’s like a very chic Fran Drescher,” she told WWD of her look. Diane also shared her look on Instagram, because it was just too good not to post. “Ahhhh couture….I’ve missed you so…to beauty, creativity…to dream again ❤️ Bravo @schiaparelli ❤️❤️❤️ @jonathan_huguet,” she captioned the pics.

Diane credits her super strong legs to dance. Diane was a ballet dancer before she became an actor, but her ballet career ended when she broke her knee at the age of 13, per Variety. And for her role in the ballet film Joika, Diane was guest teaching ballet classes in New York alongside a Russian teacher and former prima ballerina.

Diane is also big on strength training, which helps her build muscle. Thanks to her strength workouts, Diane said that she “witnessed my body change.”

“I was naturally skinny when I was younger, and I did a lot of ballet and ballroom dancing, so I didn’t work out traditionally,” she shared with WH in 2021. “But by the time I hit about 32, I felt my metabolism change. That’s when I thought I needed to work out to be able to eat what I wanted—and I dreaded it.”

After she gave birth to her daughter with partner Norman Reedus in November of 2018, Diane said she started working out for 30 minutes a day, walking, doing the elliptical, or performing a squat routine with five-pound weights.

And just six months later, she was training for her action film The 355, which required her to work out for five weeks before filming started. Those workouts included two-hour training sessions every day. Specifically, Diane was doing fight training with boxing drills and kicks, as well as wrestling, grappling, and basic gymnastics. Diane didn’t stop there, though. She also added running to her routine.

“It was exhilarating to go back to working out—to lifting heavy, kicking higher, and trusting my body,” she told WH.

When it comes to fueling up, Diane is all about protein. “I try to eat organic, but I’m not obsessive about food,” she told The New Potato. “Poached eggs with avocado on multigrain bread for breakfast, some sort of salmon dish for lunch, nuts as snacks during the day, and maybe chicken or veal for dinner with veggies and red wine.”

Diane is also a fan of oysters, French fries and white wine.

And she’s quite the cook. “I love Ina Garten. Recently, I went to the Today show and she was the guest before me, and so finally after all of these years of being a fan I got to meet her and I almost freaked out,” Diane shared with Town and Country. “I have all of her cookbooks and to this day for Christmas dinner, I make her lobster bisque as a starter. I love how she’s created her own world, I love her aura, and her dishes are just a staple in our house.”

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One thing Diane can’t live without? Vermouth.

“A martini has always been my favorite cocktail when I go out. During the pandemic, Norman, my partner, started learning how to make them and he really found his calling,” she told T&C. “He gets invited back behind bars to make the perfect martini; he’s just excellent at it.”

Cheers to that, Diane!

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