Elsa Pataky Is Rocking Curly Hair And Chiseled Legs In A Red Swimsuit On IG

Elsa Pataky Is Rocking Curly Hair And Chiseled Legs In A Red Swimsuit On IG

Elsa Pataky Is Rocking Curly Hair And Chiseled Legs In A Red Swimsuit On IG
  • Elsa Pataky recently posed for Gioseppo sandals and she dropped a photo from the shoot on her Instagram grid.
  • The 46-year-old model and actress debuted a new curly look while showing off her epically strong legs and arms in a red swimsuit.
  • Elsa trains hard for her movie roles, and eats a balanced diet.

It might still be cold and gray outside, but model Elsa Pataky is already giving everyone some serious summer inspiration in her latest photoshoot with Gioseppo. And she posted a sunny outtake on Instagram, sharing that sunshine with the people, as she always does.

In the shot, the 46-year-old actress posed in a seated position with her Gioseppo sandals and a bright red one-piece swimsuit. Elsa is also rocking a new hairdo, with tight curls running down her back. Of course, it’s hard to miss how totally toned her legs and arms are in the cute suit. The whole thing is 🔥.

“New collection SS23 So cool! 🤩,” Elsa captioned the post. Of course, her friends and fans were totally digging this new look, and they made sure to hype the actress up in the comments. “Love this” wrote one fan. Another added, “the curls!” And I wholeheartedly agree.

If you’re wondering how Elsa stays so strong, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got a few insights for you, and they’re pretty revealing. TLDR; She’s a total badass.

For starters, when Elsa starred in the Netflix thriller Interceptor, and she’s she had to train hard for her role as Captain JJ Collins. Elsa told Entertainment Tonight that her No. 1 goal was to build up her strength and muscles during her pre-filming training.

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“We were probably working out every day for like an hour and a half, and then we started to prepare for the movie,” she said. “We started just getting into all those fights, which is like three hours a day, four months before the movie. We were, like, every day learning all those movies. It’s like this choreography that you have to go through.”

Elsa told People that she part of her intense training were bootcamp-style workouts that required her to do things like carry heavy weight up hills. I wanted to feel what the army girls go through,” the actress said, noting that she got “bruises everywhere” from those stunt scenes.

When she’s not training for films, she likes doing HIIT workouts and working her abs, she told Body & Soul. Elsa also touts the benefits of pairing yoga with strength training, noting how it can help you stay healthy and strong as your body naturally ages.

When it comes to mealtime, Elsa tries to maintain a healthy balance, and even wrote a book that talks about her diet and wellness habits called Strong. “I don’t believe anything about diets, like quick diets that you do before summer,” she said on the Australia morning show Sunrise, per Who Magazine. “I feel like miracles don’t exist. Mediterranean food every day, not just [for] periods of time.”

Love this philosophy! You are the best, Elsa

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