Eva Longoria Is Ready For Sun As She Flaunts Her Booty In A Swimsuit IG Pic

Eva Longoria Is Ready For Sun As She Flaunts Her Booty In A Swimsuit IG Pic

  • Eva Longoria is ready for summer, and she is letting everyone know.
  • The actress posted an Instagram photo showing off her toned butt, legs, and abs in a cut-out swimsuit and broad-brimmed hat on Instagram.
  • Eva likes doing mini trampoline workouts and follows an intermittent fasting diet schedule.

Eva Longoria has decided to skip out on the cold winter days. Instead, she’s heading straight toward some steamy summer months.

The 47-year-old actress dropped some photos on Instagram showing off how super strong she is as she poses with a big black sunhat while wearing a cut-out swimsuit. Of course, the suit totally highlighted the star’s mega-toned booty, legs, and core in the process.

“Anyone ready for summer? 🌞,” Eva captioned the photo. Her friends and fans were all about it. “Woah 🔥🔥,” one person commented. And lots of others left even more fire emojis. Eva is definitely strong these days.

Eva definitely works hard for those muscles, and she isn’t afraid to share her routines with her followers. Here she is, getting her steps in while looking absolutely fabulous on the treadmill.

The actress also told Women’s Health that she exercises for about an hour each day. “I really work out for my mental health,” she said, adding that workouts are her time to be present and focus on moving her body.

One workout she really loves is the JumpSport, a mini trampoline that uses bungee cords. “Ironically, bouncing on this trampoline is low impact, so you get a sweaty workout without all the pounding on your knees,” she says.

Eva’s trainer, Grant Roberts, shared that the star’s strong physique has a lot to do with the fact she lifts heavy. “Eva looks the way she does because of weight training,” he shared in an IG post.

When it comes to food, Eva WH she does intermittent fasting, meaning she only eats between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. She’ll usually drink black coffee when she wakes up and then hits a workout.

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“Then I make breakfast for my family,” she said, which is usually egg whites and avocado or refried beans on flour tortillas. Lunch is often protein-focused, with things like steak, fish, or chicken with vegetables, and dinner is another version of that same healthy protein meal, or a hearty soup, like Italian wedding or tortilla. One important thing to note, however: Eva isn’t really into dessert.

Summer is on the horizon, Eva. Don’t worry!

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