Gisele Bündchen’s Abs And Booty Are Major 🔥 In This New IG Video

Is it hot in here, or is it just Gisele Bündchen’s new Victoria’s Secret campaign? The model posed for a new ad for the lingerie company, and she is strong all over.

The 43-year-old supermodel dropped the video on Instagram of herself in a black bra and matching undies. Her abs, arms, and legs are incredibly toned as she speaks about the importance of self-care.

“Loving yourself is not a selfish act,” Gisele says in the video. “The more I honor myself and my needs, the more I can show up for everyone around me.” This statement a major fact, and she is seriously stunning in the ad.

Obviously, people are hyped to see Gisele working again and back posing for Victoria’s Secret. So, her comments section was filled with messages supporting her. “The queen is back 🔥” wrote one person. Another added, “Can’t believe you’re back to VS. a dream come true for us fans. 😍”

Gisele has been a fashion icon for decades. But, she’s also been a source of fitness inspiration since she took the runway for Alexander McQueen in her first international show in 1998. Now, she’s clearly still strong as ever.

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So, if you’re wondering what she does to take care of herself, you’ve come to the right place. For one, Gisele is a total yogi. The model has practiced yoga for many years and wrote in her book, Lessons: My Path To A Meaningful Life, that the practice “gave [her] back [her] life.”

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The practice is a family affair. Gisele stretches and does yoga with her daughter, Vivian, which is super sweet to watch:

It also seems like Gisele really enjoys being out in nature. And, if she can practice yoga or meditate in it, that’s a bonus. Her arms, legs, and abs are totally sculpted in these pics:

Gisele also does Pilates, swims, and practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu, per British Vogue. She even wakes up at 5 a.m. to meditate and work out before her kids get up, she told them.

Her hard work is paying off, and she seems like she’s thriving inside and out. “I think I feel better in my forties than I did in my twenties and not just physically, because we’re all told that life is over at 40 and I feel like I’m just beginning,” she said.

When it comes to eating, Gisele focuses on plant-based meals, per Marie Claire. She also swears by intermittent fasting, which she does twice a week, per her book. And, she kicks off her morning with fresh juice with fruit, veggies, and coconut milk.

Well, everything she practices is definitely working for her. Keep crushing it, Gisele!


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