Halsey Has Mega-Toned Abs In A Teeny String Bikini In These IG Pics

Halsey Has Mega-Toned Abs In A Teeny String Bikini In These IG Pics

  • Halsey just showed off their super-toned abs in a string bikini in some new BTS Instagram photos.

  • The singer hasn’t shared a ton about their workouts in recent years, but they do seem to like getting active outside.
  • Halsey has also been open about their health struggles with endometriosis and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Halsey is performing just a few shows this summer, so the musical artist took some time to share a few behind-the-scenes snaps that show what their life has been like when they’re not on stage.

In the pics, there’s a close-up of the 28-year-old with a flower in their hair, a video of what appears to be homemade tie-dye clothes, Halsey showing off toned abs in a string bikini, and a slew of snaps of scenes, including Halsey and their son Ender in a ball pit. Finally, there’s a delicious-looking picnic spread that looks divine.

“July things. August, be sweet,” Halsey wrote in the caption. Her fans were obsessed with the snaps and let her know in the comments. “The most sweetest gorgeous queenie pie ever,” one person commented. “The aesthetic 🤌,” another wrote.

This is hardly Halsey’s only abs moment lately. Check out these shots from Paris:

And these abs-baring pics in a cool T-shirt to celebrate Pride month:

While Halsey doesn’t talk a ton about specific health and wellness routines these days, they have been open about dealing with a lot of health issues over the past few years. This list includes battles with endometriosis and an autoimmune condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which is a group of disorders that impacts connective tissues, bones, blood vessels, and other organs.

And while Halsey has made it clear that their health presents some lifestyle challenges, they’re still staying active and going on adventures. In October, they shared a video of themselves doing a tandem skydive, writing, “I just like to do stuff,” in the caption.

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Halsey is also into rock climbing, which engages *all* your muscles and provides a serious arm and core workout. Apparently, Halsey loves it so much that they have even gone rock climbing while totally naked. In 2019, they shared a photo of their back covered in scrapes, writing, “Don’t go rock climbing naked. or do. do you.”

Halsey is also super flexible. Check out this shot of them bent over backwards during a show (I’m guessing there’s some serious yoga in their health routine?!):

And this onstage move, which requires some significant core and thigh strength to stay upright:

On the food front, Halsey shared (in a now-deleted TikTok) that they’re allergic to a lot of things, including potatoes, corn, spinach, ginger, garlic, milk, wheat, crab, shrimp, and carrots. “Obviously my health has changed a lot since I got pregnant and giving birth. I started getting really, really, really sick,” they said in a May 2022 Instagram Story, per CNN.

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Still, Halsey seems to be healthy and happy right now—and I love to see it!

Halsey Has Mega-Toned Abs In A Teeny String Bikini In These IG Pics

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