Halsey Has Totally Epic Abs In This Topless IG Video From Paris Fashion Week

Halsey Has Totally Epic Abs In This Topless IG Video From Paris Fashion Week

  • Halsey just went to Paris Fashion Week and showed off their totally sculpted abs and legs in a topless video they shared on Instagram.
  • The singer has been serving look after look at the international fashion show.
  • Halsey doesn’t talk a ton about their workouts, but they have struggled with various health issues in the past.

Most people who hit up Paris Fashion Week don’t exactly do it in jeans and a T-shirt. But Halsey just shared a montage of their time in the City of Lights, and they were clearly not screwing around in the fashion department.

The “Without Me” singer dropped a behind-the-scenes video of themselves at various fashion shows, rolling out a slew of different looks. There’s Halsey in a cool vintage-look dress that shows off their seriously sculpted legs, next to a video of Halsey draped over a piano in a black lace ‘fit. Cut over to Halsey strutting down a hallway topless with their toned abs and legs on fill display as they nosh on an ice cream bar. Then photos of them in a liquidy metallic dress posing by a window, on the red carpet in a full-length black sleeveless number, at Givenchy in a neon green bra top and slouchy pants, and… so many more amazing designs. In each one, Halsey looks fit and happy.

“Thanks Paris that was fun! 🤍,” they wrote in the caption—and people low-key bugged out in the comments. “🔥ABSOLUTELY DEVOURED AND SLAYED🔥,” one wrote, while another said, “SLAY AFTER SLAY AFTER SLAY 💅🏻.”

Also in the mix: This next-level futuristic semi-sheer look from Ottolinger, which showed just how toned Halsey is these days.

Halsey has been open about their health struggles, including having endometriosis and autoimmune conditions like Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a group of disorders that impacts connective tissues, bones, blood vessels, and other organs.

But Halsey tries to stay super active when they’re feeling well. In October, they shared a video of themselves skydiving in tandem, writing in the caption, “I just like to do stuff.”

Halsey also pointed out in a 2019 Instagram post that they went rock-climbing naked and ended up with some pretty intense scrapes on their back.

Halsey hasn’t said much about their diet lately, but back in May, they shared that they developed new food allergies after giving birth to their first child, son Ender, in 2021. “My health has changed a lot since I got pregnant and giving birth,” they said in an Instagram Story, per CNN. “I started getting really, really, really sick.”

Halsey said they’ve been “hospitalized for anaphylaxis a few times and had some other stuff going on” leading to their Ehlers-Danlos syndrome diagnosis, along with a slew of other diagnoses.

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Luckily, the singer seems to be doing better—and thriving—these days. Get it, Halsey!

Halsey Has Totally Epic Abs In This Topless IG Video From Paris Fashion Week

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