Heidi Klum Explained What She *Really* Thinks About A 900 Calorie Diet

Heidi Klum Explained What She *Really* Thinks About A 900 Calorie Diet

  • Heidi Klum came under fire this week after ‘The Daily Mail’ reported she posted an Instagram story stating she only ate 900 calories per day.

  • Heidi has since refuted the claim, saying that wouldn’t be a healthy diet.
  • The model has previously shared lots of health and wellness routines on Instagram.

Heidi Klum’s diet has come under pretty intense scrutiny this week. On Tuesday, Aug. 22, The Daily Mail reported that the model did an Instagram Q&A on her Stories, telling fans how much she weighed (138 pounds) and saying that she only eats 900 calories a day. However, there is no evidence Heidi said she eats only 900 calories a day on her Story, and she has denied the report.

In fact, on Wednesday, Heidi told People, “People just make up stories […] One person writes it and then everyone jumps on it.” She also told the outlet that a 900-calorie diet isn’t healthy—and worried that the reports might inspire people to follow it.

Samantha Cassetty, RD, a nutrition and wellness expert and co-author of Sugar Shock, previously told Women’s Health that a low calorie diet typically “involves eating 800 to 1,200 calories per day to lose weight.” However, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that people get between 1,600 and 3,000 calories per day. (Which Heidi’s alleged count falls way under.)

Nutritionist Jessica Cording, RD, author of The Little Book of Game-Changers,previously shared with Women’s Health that restricting your calories too much can have negative side effects. “If someone is chronically under-consuming calories, that can cause metabolism to slow down. Your body thinks you’re starving and slows down your metabolism to try to preserve weight.”

If you’re curious to know more about Heidi’s health and wellness routines, Women’s Health is the right place to look. For one, Heidi is always moving her body (even while working!) Back in June, she shared a video on Instagram of herself getting in a workout with dumbbells and ankle weights while on set for Germany’s Next Top Model.

Heidi opened up to E! News back in 2017 about how she doesn’t always have the time to hit the gym. Instead, she would make do “with taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator, jumping on the trampoline with my kids…being more involved in their activities,” she said. “And then sometimes I make it into my attic where I have a treadmill. For 30 or 40 minutes I’ll do a bit of cardio.” (However, it’s been years since she spoke to the outlet, so it’s unclear if her habits have changed.)

These days, swimming is another workout Heidi loves to do, and it’s a great low-impact cardio workout that targets all the muscles in your body. “I’m fortunate enough to have a pool at home and, when the pandemic started, I began swimming 20 laps a day,” she told DailyMail in 2020.

And during winter, Heidi hits the slopes for some skiing.

Dancing is another way Heidi likes to keep her body moving. Sometimes that means she’s nailing down a TikTok dance, or grooving to her single “Chai Tea with Heidi” featuring Snoop Dogg. And her workout repertoir isn’t all cardio. The model has shared that yoga helps keep her body flexible and strong.

Calorie controversy aside, Heidi often posts her yummy food on her IG, and she makes room for lots of variety in her diet. She has recently shared a snap of some gardening she did on a trip to Italy, where she picked vine-fresh tomatoes and peppers, and also shared another snap from the trip where she enjoyed some red wine and pizza.

Certainly sounds yummy to me!

Heidi Klum Explained What She *Really* Thinks About A 900 Calorie Diet

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