It’s Bikini Szn, And Tracee Ellis Ross’ Epic Abs Are Here To Slay

  • Tracee Ellis Ross is on vacay mode. And she’s looking extra fierce.

  • The 50-year-old actress and entrepreneur recently took to Instagram to drop several bikini snaps and vids of herself livin’ it up someplace tropical-looking. And wow, her abs are incredible!
  • To stay in such great shape, Tracee strength trains at Rise Movement. She also swears by the Tracy Anderson Method.

Tracee Ellis Ross is hanging out someplace tropical-looking, and she just dropped a ton of selfies on Instagram wearing a slew of cool bikinis, because she can. The latest features Tracee in a gorgeous leopard-print bikini that she’s clearly all about.

The 50-year-old actress and entrepreneur looks like she had a ton of fun shooting mirror selfies of herself in the suit. There’s Tracee showing off her toned abs and strong legs in the string bikini while raising one arm; Tracee making several silly faces at the camera; and Tracee in the coolest slouchy coverup over the bikini paired with slingback sandals and oversized sunglasses.

She kept the caption simple—”🐆”—but, really, nothing more needs to be said. Naturally, her followers cheered her on in the comments. “BODY GOALS 🙌 50 has never looked so good 🔥,” one wrote. “The abs are abbing,” said another.

It’s worth pointing out that Vacation Tracee is a total ~vibe~ and she’s got the bikini shots to back it up. Check out this one:

And this one:

Tracee hilariously joked in that last video that she has more aches and pains now than she did in the past. “I wake up at 50, hot as ever, and it’s as if somebody beat me up while I was sleeping,” she said. “And then I have to stretch.”

But back to that fierce bod: Tracee has been more than clear about working hard to get that toned. For starters, she’s a huge devotee of the Tracy Anderson Method, a dance-based workout that uses light weights and small movements to get all-over body tone. Tracee shares photos and videos from her sessions on Instagram all the time, and there’s always something a little different in the mix.

Check out Tracee working her arms with resistance bands, doing a massive range of kickback squats to work her legs and booty during a recent workout:

Tracee is also super high energy when she works out. She shared a montage of a bunch of her exercise classes on Instagram at the end of the year, and there’s a lot of her bouncing around, looking all strong and happy. “I ain’t f**kin around!” she joked in the caption.

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But the Tracy Anderson Method isn’t all Tracee does to be so fit. She also does one-on-one strength training sessions with her trainer, Jason Walsh at Rise Movement gym. One video she shared shows her working her way through things like resistance band arm exercises, single leg curls, and combinations that include bicep curls and squats.

And then she’ll do a drop set of sled pushes back and forth across the gym floor like a total boss:

Enjoy that much-deserved break, Tracee!

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