Jessica Biel Has ‘Abs Of Steel’ Doing This Intense Pilates Workout On IG

  • Jessica Biel, 41, showed off her epic Pilates workout routine on Instagram this week.

  • The actress followed a series created by strength training coach Ashley Brown, which included intense core work like V-Ups and leg flutters with a medicine ball.
  • Jessica loves hitting the gym with her hubby Justin Timberlake, and the “Mirrors” singer made a (brief) appearance in her latest video.

Is there any workout she can’t do? Jessica Biel, 41, showed off yet another exercise video on her Instagram this week. The actress showed off a Pilates abs sequence, curated by strength training coach Ashley Brown, and judging by her caption it was very intense.

Have @ashleybrownfitnessnutrition to thank for this killer Pilates Ab Series 🫡,” Jessica wrote in her caption. The video follows the actress as she completes V-Ups and leg flutters while holding the medicine ball over her head. She also alternates into reverse leg crunches. Phew!

It’s unclear exactly how many reps Jessica did of this epic Pilates sequence, but even doing this for the length of “Vampire” by Olivia Rodrigo (which is the soundtrack playing in Jessica’s video) will get your abs feeling the burn. Don’t be fooled by this low impact workout, it will make you sweat!

Jessica finished off the sequence with some bicycle twists (sans medicine ball) and a visit from a special guest. Surprise! Her husband, Justin Timberlake, drops by to compliment Jessica’s “abs of steel.” Or at least, his Nikes do. You gotta love some floor workouts, and a celeb couple who works out together.

J.T. and Jessica are known to hit the gym as a couple. And while the actress may be switching up her routines as of late, Jessica regularly updates her followers with her latest workouts. The star has also trained with Ben Bruno, who focuses on building strength and mobility. When she’s not working her core, you can probably find the 7th Heaven star working her glutes or doing other kinds of strength training.

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The Candy actress seems to love moving her body in any way she can. She’s also an avid yogi—and has quite the core strength, based on the moves she can hit! As for how Jessica fuels her body, she said she loves to balance fruits and veggies with her “cheat” days in 2017, but has otherwise stayed pretty mum about her specific diet.

Go, Jessica! Thanks for inspiring my next abs workout!

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