Kate Bosworth Flashed Her Sculpted, Sandy Booty On IG And Justin Left The Best Comment

  • Kate Bosworth just dropped some bikini pics on Instagram, and they are everything.

  • In the shots, the actress flashes a peek of her super-toned butt covered in sand.
  • Kate works hard with her personal trainer, but she also likes to get moving outside.

Kate Bosworth is getting back to her Blue Crush roots. The actress, 40, is starring in a new campaign for Roxy, and she has everyone feeling totally nostalgic for the surf movie (and the early 2000s). Kate shared pics from the campaign in a new Instagram post, where she modeled a bright and flowery cropped rash guard that highlighted her super strong core, as well as a pair of tiny thong bikini bottoms that showed off her toned (and sandy) booty.

“Wear it like Y2K 🍑🌊 cropped flower rash guard // neon slides @roxy,” she captioned the post.

Kate’s followers are *loving* her new surf era, and that includes Kate’s new fiancé, Justin Long, who hilariously commented, “I wish you’d given me credit for painstakingly applying each grain of sand to pic #2 🔥🥵⏳.” One fan also noted, “It’s giving me Blue Crush all over again and I’m about to buy it all 😍😂.” And another wrote, “I’m LIVING for this Kate resurgence 🌊🌊.” (So am I!)

If you’re curious to know more about her workout routine (and booty circuits) you should know that this actress puts in some serious hard work during sweat seshes with her personal trainer Steph Watson.

The Last Sentinel actress told Marie Claire UK that Steph has helped her get into low-impact workouts. “I used to really love running and doing things that asked more of my body. I thought more demand yielded greater results,” she said. “She’s taught me the importance of low-impact, repetition exercises, stretching workouts, and the combination of those things. I actually look forward to working out now.”

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If she’s not in the gym, Kate might be catching some waves. Seriously, she genuinely loves to surf after learning how to get up on the board for her role in Blue Crush. “I found a surf instructor in Malibu and begged him to teach me to surf within a month. He was like, ‘OK, but you’re going to have to come every day for seven hours a day and it has to be full commitment.’ I was totally in,” Kate said in an interview with Marie Claire UK.

And when she’s not in the water, she also likes to go for hikes and walks.

As for food, Kate takes a “food as fuel” approach. “When I’m working, I look at food as fuel. The hours can be long and irregular, and sometimes we work through the night. So I eat a lot of really good complex carbs, like sweet potato or chickpeas, protein and a lot of vegetables,” she told National Geographic. “A healthy diet can bring a lot of stamina and endurance, and it’s important if you want to perform to your best ability.”

And one of her fave foods? Burgers. “I’m a die-hard burger fanatic. I have two favorite cheeseburgers; one is from Burgers Never Say Die in Los Angeles, and the other from a place called Norm’s News in Kalispell, Montana, which has one of the best cheeseburgers I’ve ever had,” she told National Geographic.

Thanks for the recs, Kate!!

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