Lainey Wilson Slayed With Epic Abs In A Cut-Out Jumpsuit At The ACM Awards

  • Lainey Wilson just hit the stage at the American Country Music Awards show in a chic, cut-out jumpsuit (bellbottoms, of course!) and her fans absolutely freaked out.

  • The singer and actress
  • When it comes to her health and wellness, Lainey works hard to eat healthy, nutritious meals while on tour.

Lainey Wilson just won big at the American Country Music Awards and she celebrated the night in a hugest way. For starters, Lainey hit the red carpet with former Pittsburgh Steelers star Devlin “Duck” Hodges—marking their first public appearance as a couple.

The Yellowstone star ~also~ rolled out two cool outfits, including a green silky jumpsuit with cut-outs that showcased her toned abs. Lainey later hit the stage in a body-hugging sparkly tank and second-skin bright blue pants that highlighted her strong legs.

The 30-year-old “Heart Like a Truck” singer posted about the night on Instagram, along with a slew of pics that showed off her cool ‘fits and her new boo (you’ll have to swipe to see her cut-out jumpsuit with those super-toned abs).

“I hope that this inspires anyone out there that has a dream to chase it and work your dang butt off for it,” she wrote in the caption. “I’m inspired by every single person who was nominated in these categories and I honestly believe I wouldn’t be where I am without them paving the way. Sure is sweet when you get to celebrate with all your people by your side. Thank you @ACMawards. #acmawards” She also added this relatable note: “PS – I just met @dollyparton.”

People freaked in the comments. “Absolutely crushed the entire night! Congratulations!!” said one, while another wrote, “You in Blue 😍😍😍💙.”

Lainey looks so strong and happy—so, what’s her secret? Well, she hasn’t shared a ton about her daily workout routines, but it’s clear she goes all in with her performances, which is some serious cardio.

The country star’s booty has definitely gotten a lot of attention, and she’s leaned into it on social media. She joked in January that her New Year’s resolution was to “maintain my big ass so more people can kiss it.”

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On the food front, Lainey recently told Delish that she was a picky eater growing up but she’s learned to expand her palate on tour. “I feel like I have a band and crew who are just really a bunch of foodies,” she said. “They’ve kind of pushed me outside of my comfort zone and made me try things out on the road that I wouldn’t necessarily try on my own.”

She recently tried Indian food for the first time in London, noshed on ricotta pillows and escargot in Wyoming, and chowed down on crawfish in Nashville. “Growing up in Northeast Louisiana, never in a million years did I think I’d be out here eating escargot, but shit happens,” Lainey said.

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Of course, it’s not all just fun and games. Lainey shared that she tries to eat healthy on tour, and that includes eating three meals a day. “It’s really hard to make sure that you’re disciplined enough to do that,” she said. “I try my best that I possibly can.”

Lainey might have scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast, followed by yogurt or salad for lunch. “I love all the dressings that are basically not healthy for you,” she said, “The ranch, all of the thick mayonnaise-based dressings are what I really, really like.” Lainey also likes grilled chicken, shrimp, and sushi. Chocolate is in the mix, too. “At some point in time, I will have a bite of chocolate every single day,” she said.

Congrats on your awards, Lainey!

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