LeAnn Rimes Is All Sculpted Abs In A Bikini In This Adorable Tribute IG Vid

  • LeAnn Rimes marked her anniversary with husband Eddie Cibrian with an Instagram tribute video.

  • The singer shared a peek of her toned AF abs in a high-waisted bikini along with other shots of the couple over the years.
  • LeAnn is all about adaptable workouts that she can take on the road, like jumping rope.

Grab your tissue box. LeAnn Rimes just celebrated her 12-year anniversary with Eddie Cibrian, and she marked the occasion with the sweetest tribute video of all time.

In an Instagram post, LeAnn shared photos of the two of them as she counted back the years that they have been together and their ages in each one. The video starts with LeAnn looking super strong and happy while hanging on a boat with Eddie in a high-waisted bikini with toned abs. From there, the video counts back with photos of the two cuddling and kissing over the year.

The final shot is a total throwback: It’s a picture of LeAnn and Eddie when she was 14 and he was 23.

“12 years… not a lot has changed, but the hair,” she wrote in the caption. “Happy anniversary to us @eddiecibrian. 12 years has FLOWN by so fast! our marriage, our love is one of the greatest gifts of this lifetime. i’m proud of us! ✨” People cheered them on in the comments. “You both age like fine wine, or maybe a top tier TEQUILA,” one said. “Such a beautiful couple,” another wrote.

LeAnn is so glowy and strong these days, and she’s made it clear that she works hard to get super toned. A few weeks ago, she shared a video of herself at a drumboxing class, which is exactly what it sounds like—a workout that involves drumming and boxing. Cut to a video of LeAnn and Eddie drumming and boxing, adding in things like squat jumps while drumming, following by throwing punches at a bag.

“If you’re looking for a new workout class that tests your brain as much as your body, go check out their page. we LOVE it here!!” she wrote in the caption, before stressing that the post wasn’t an ad.

That’s not ~all~ she does for fitness, though. LeAnn told Us Weekly that she loves jumping rope, especially on the road. “I take a jump rope with me everywhere I go, so it’s easy to do and easy to do bodyweight workouts in my dressing room,” she said. (In case you’re not familiar with the perks of jumping rope, it can get your HR up fast.)

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If she’s not skipping, LeAnn previously told Women’s Health that she’ll often jump on the trampoline for about 20 minutes in the morning, before working out with her trainer for about an hour. Talk about a cardio burst!

Of course, LeAnn travels a lot while she’s on tour or on set, so she makes sure she is able to take her workouts on the road. In 2021, LeAnn shared a video in her Instagram Stories of herself squeezing in a dressing room workout that worked through a slew of moves. LeAnn got busy doing pushups with side twists, leg lifts with weight ball slams, tricep dips, and reverse squats with her foot on a chair.

On the food front, LeAnn told Women’s Health that she just tries to find a healthy balance. She likes to kick her day off with Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie, which has lots of chopped spinach, lettuce, celery, apple, pear, banana, and lemon juice. “My body actually craves it,” she said.

After a quick workout, LeAnn then says she’ll usually have leftovers from the night before for her lunch. “Our leftovers range from mushroom and poblano tacos in almond flour tortillas, to smoky white bean and greens soup, to a delicious chicken and veggie stir fry,” she said.

Dinner might be a bowl with cauliflower, lots of veggies, and marinated and baked tempeh or grilled chicken. Oh! And a glass of wine. LeAnn likes to nosh a little after dinner, too. “I am a bit of an after-dinner snacker,” she said. “Barnana Dark Chocolate Banana Bites are my favorite treat, and I love an apple with a little peanut butter.”

Overall, LeAnn just tries to do her best. “It’s all about balance,” she said.

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