Michelle Monaghan Is Major Goals In This Pantsless IG With Sculpted Legs

  • Michelle Monaghan just dropped a photo on Instagram that shows the actress enjoying what looks like the perfect, blissful morning.

  • In the pic, Michelle goes pantsless in an oversized button down shirt, flaunting her long, strong legs.
  • The actress tries to stay super hydrated and enjoys doing Pilates using a Reformer machine.

If you’re searching for the perfect morning routine, Michelle Monaghan is providing some serious inspo on her Instagram page right now.

The Gone Baby Gone actress rocked only a pink button-down pajama shirt and a mug of coffee in her latest post, and she is as healthy and strong as ever. Michelle posed on a balcony that overlooked the ocean, showing off her long, toned legs in the process, and the whole situation is seriously #GOALS.

“The least kinda Monday there ever was. 💫 ☕️💛 Enjoying this final morning on this dream vacation with my dreamy family. #superdupergrateful,” Michelle, 47, wrote in her caption. Her followers loved the glowing, relaxed look on Michelle, and they made sure to let her know in the comments section.

“You’re the cutest thing!!” commented Ashley Nicole Black. “This is making me so happy!!!” added another follower. And I’m just going to say, this is major morning goals, Michelle.

For those looking for more information about Michelle’s health and wellness routines, Women’s Health has you covered. For starters, Michelle is a big Pilates girl, which she explained in a post on Instagram last summer. In the video shots, Michelle does some intense squats and other toning moves with a Reformer.

“I’ve been training at Emily’s studio for the last six months and I’ve never felt stronger, more flexible and grounded. 🥰 Her studio has been my home away from home and I’m so grateful to her and her beautiful community of instructors and clients,” Michelle captioned the video of herself training with Emily Bench in Miami.

Oh, and she’s a fan of spinning, a great cardio workout that can usually be done in a fun, group setting for even more motivation. “SoulCycle is my religion!” Michelle told Byrdie back in 2020.

Aside from her physical health, Michelle also makes sure to take care of her mental health, incorporating meditation into her day-to-day routine to stay grounded, she told the website.

Michelle’s biggest beauty and nutrition tip, though, is staying super hydrated. There are so many health benefits to staying hydrated, and clearly, Michelle knows what she’s doing. “Honestly, my number one beauty thing is that I drink a lot of water,” she told Byrdie. “I find that the more I drink the better my skin looks.”

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While she hasn’t shared a ton about her specific dietary routines, Michelle certainly isn’t afraid to enjoy the finer things in life. Case in point: This charcuterie spread on the beach, which looks positively divine.

Love to see Michelle thriving!

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