Mindy Kaling Flashed A Peek Of Her Toned Abs In A New IG Selfie 😱

Mindy Kaling Flashed A Peek Of Her Toned Abs In A New IG Selfie 😱

  • Mindy Kaling is on vacation right now, and she just dropped a mirror selfie on Instagram in a cute two-piece set.

  • The star’s chic outfit also showed off a peek of her toned abs and sculpted arms.
  • Mindy loves going for long morning walks, doing yoga, and trying out “trendy” workouts.

Mindy Kaling is currently living her best life while on vacation in Hawaii. The Mindy Project star, 43, has been posting tons of amazing fashion inspo from the trip on Instagram, and Mindy even shared the mirror selfie on her Instagram Story where she’s posing in an adorable A.L.C. floral two-piece matching set. The cute ‘fit was accessorized by her super strong, toned arms and a peek of her abs.

“@halliesand wore this @alc_ltd and I told to her face, ‘I’m wearing that on our Hawaii vacation’. And she said sure!” she captioned the pic.

Here’s a peek at the selfie, in case you missed her Instagram Story:

mindy kaling peek of abs arms crop top instagram photo


If you’re wondering what Mindy’s workouts and wellness routines look like these days, you should know that she is a big fan of walking. She even shared with TODAY that she tries to get out for a walk every day of the week.

“Sometimes I’ll be like, ‘Well, I have four different times today where I have 10 minutes so let’s just walk instead of sitting down and checking Instagram,'” Mindy said. “So instead of it being like one chunk of exercise in the beginning of the day or none at all, I’m now just deciding that I’m going to be a more active person all the time.”

Here’s Mindy sharing some BTS from one of her recent solo walks in Malibu on Instagram.

When she wants to mix things up, Mindy told Women’s Health that she likes to go on a jog or hit some yoga flow in the morning. She also told SELF about her exercise routine: “I refuse to let it get monotonous,” she said. “I do any trendy workout.”

For Mindy, that includes vibration plate classes and Pilates reformer classes.

Mindy also explained on TODAY that she has changed the way she approaches exercise over the years. “In my 20s, I thought a workout had to be something that was punishing, like 45 minutes of running and you had to hate it the whole time,” she said. “I don’t have that relationship with exercise anymore.”

Oh, and Mindy isn’t into using a scale. “I don’t weigh myself. To me, the most amazing thing is that all my clothes kind of fit/ It’s so easy to get ready and that’s great. I feel happy about that,” she told TODAY.

As for her diet, Mindy is big on hydration. She told Women’s Health that she drinks 50 ounces of water before 7 a.m. everyday. And she also makes herself a green smoothie that she describes is “basically the equivalent of an enormous salad,” made with spinach, banana, kale, lemon, pear, a bit of apple, cucumber, celery, and coconut water or tap water. Lunch is usually a turkey sandwich, a small steak or tandoori chicken that she’ll pair with a couple of Indian sides. She keeps it light for dinner, and often opts for fish with a side of grains and veggies.

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Plus, she has a sweet tooth. Mindy told WH that some of her favorite sweets include a handful of chocolate chips or nuts, Australian red licorice (her favorite candy), or gummy worms.

Mindy has previously said she approached award show diets in an unhealthy way, but these days, she’s all about moderation. “I’m never going stop being a foodie. I’m never going be someone who can just have spinach and salmon every day,” she shared on TODAY. “I just am really for the first time in my life, trying moderation, and I love it.”

And, like the relatable queen she is, Mindy loves a good slice of pizza.

So yummy, Mindy!

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