Naomi Campbell Slays With Epic Abs In A Cut-Out Dress—And Fans Are Not Okay

  • Naomi Campbell hit the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival this weekend, and she donned a cut-out dress that had everyone’s jaws on the floor.

  • The supermodel, 53, shared a peek of her super-toned abs and some underboob in the gown, showing everyone just how strong she is these days.
  • Naomi works hard during her sweat seshes with her trainer.

Naomi Campbell is at the Cannes Film Festival, and she took the special occasion to rock the coolest cut-out dress on the red carpet while showing everyone how next-level toned she is these days.

The 53-year-old supermodel dropped a ton of photos on Instagram of herself at the premiere of Killers of the Flower Moon, and her look is a total mood (although, really, would you expect anything less from Naomi Campbell?!). There’s Naomi showing off her jacked abs in the dress, which has cut-outs down the front and sides, and multiple shots of Naomi (and those abs) posing for the cameras with her long train billowing in the wind.

Naomi kept the caption simple, naming the movie she saw and who she was wearing but people completely freaked out in the comments. “God, is the fountain of youth literally flowing in Naomi’s veins? Is she the ONE?!” one person wrote. And Rita Ora pretty much summed up what everyone was thinking with this gem: “Are you kidding how f*cking hot you look.”

Here’s another shot:

Naomi Campbell on the red carpet at Cannes.

Samir Hussein

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As if that wasn’t enough, Naomi also flashed some impressively sculpted legs while walking through her hotel in a gorgeous white dress.

celebrity sightings day 6 the 76th annual cannes film festival

Naomi Campbell at the Hotel Martinez.

Arnold Jerocki//Getty Images

Naomi hasn’t shared a ton about her workouts lately, but she’s dropped little snippets here and there about how she stays so fit. For starters, she’s had a few different trainers over the years, including Chase Weber and Joe Holder, and JSYK, she can deadlift 105 pounds. Fun fact: Naomi used to hate working out, but Holder helped her learn to love it.

Back in 2020, one of her fave cardio options is a jump roping session. Holder told British Vogue that she liked to do a workout that involves five sets of skipping for 60 seconds at a time.

Back in 2019, Weber shared a video of Naomi crushing an exercise routine while looking impressively model-esque. There’s Naomi on the Versa Climber, Naomi doing squats with a weighted bar on her shoulders, and Naomi doing overhead presses with dumbbells.

That circuit was followed by more footage of Naomi doing dumbbell rows and battle ropes. She wraps the whole thing up by running on a treadmill. “When @naomi works.. SHE WORKS!✊🏽,” Weber wrote in the caption.

Naomi has shared one workout routine with British Vogue, which had her starting with a soft tissue warm up. After that, she gets into it with hip bridges with a resistance band, hamstring bridges, ab block holds, and toe touch-crunches. That’s followed by moves with a weighted ball and wrapped up with a light stretch and ended in a shavasana.

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The model hasn’t shared much about her eating routine lately, but she previously told Harper’s Bazaar that she’s a vegetarian.

I mean, whatever Naomi is doing is clearly working for her!

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