Pamela Anderson’s Sculpted AF Legs Are A Slay In These Minidress Pics

  • Pamela Anderson just posed in a feathered minidress that showed off her super sculpted legs in new photos.
  • She shared one of the epic pics on her Instagram story, and paparazzi caught other poses while she was at the event.
  • Pamela likes to go on long walks and did a lot of dance training for her recent onstage Broadway acting role in Chicago.

Pamela Anderson’s recent resurgence in pop culture has been a truly beautiful thing to behold. Not only is this queen owning her truth with her new book and Netflix documentary, but she is looking stronger than ever while doing it.

Case in point: Pam recently hit a Versace fashion show rocking a feathered minidress with a matching jacket, and she’s giving total fashionista vibes. Of course, Pam always looks great, but her legs are extra strong in this picture she shared on her IG Story, too.

Pamela Anderson attends a Versace show in a feathered minidress.


Wondering what Pam does to stay so toned? Fear not, Women’s Health has a few insights that might be helpful.

Before her book and doc dropped, Pam had stayed out of the spotlight for quite a while. But, she started her big comeback last year when she starred as Roxie Hart in Chicago on Broadway. This requires A LOT of training (and dance practice), by the way. Luckily, Pam’s no stranger to hard work and is known for giving it her all.

“To start off, it’s three hours of dance with Greg Butler, two hours of acting with Ivana Chubbuck, and then one hour of voice with Eric Vetro. I did two weeks in L.A. and yesterday was my first day in New York. Tomorrow we start. It’s a lot! I love really hard work,” Pamela told Vogue.

The training was so long and intense that she said it made her feel like an Olympic athlete. “I have this funny saying I’ve been doing lately where when I’m exhausted and my feet feel like they’re going to break, I just think, What would Serena Williams do right now? She wouldn’t quit!” Pamela shared.

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When she’s not busy training for one of Broadway’s most coveted roles, she takes a more relaxed approach, she told People.

“I don’t work out much,” she told the magazine. “I walk on the beach, and I love the feeling after a long walk or a walk through a museum. I’ve always stretched and moved my body with resistance. I like dancing—I was taking ballet in Paris—but I’m double jointed and need to keep my strength. I’m more flexible than strong.”

Sounds pretty nice to me. When it comes to food, Pam follows a vegan diet, and has done so for years. Other than that, she hasn’t shared a ton of her day-to-day meal preferences.

I love the fact that Pam is having a resurgence right now. YGG!

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