Penelope Cruz Rocks *Super* Sculpted Legs In These Minidress Photos

Penelope Cruz Rocks *Super* Sculpted Legs In These Minidress Photos

  • Penelope Cruz just hit up Paris Fashion Week in a Chanel minidress that left everyone’s jaws on the floor.
  • In photos from the event, it’s hard to miss the actress’ super long, toned legs.
  • Penelope hasn’t shared a ton about her workout routines, but she has said she likes to unwind with Bikram yoga and transcendental meditation.

Penelope Cruz seems to be quite at home during Paris Fashion Week, because she was definitely bringing her fashion A-game to the Chanel show she attended this week.

Case in point: The 48-year-old star rocked a classic minidress set to the event that showed off her super strong, toned legs. The tweed Chanel set featured a glittery belt and feathers. And of course, Penelope enhanced the look with some accessories, pairing the ‘fit with tall, black pumps and a chic black purse.

If you missed her leggy Paris moment, have no fear, I’ve got photo evidence:

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Penelope Cruz rocks Paris Fashion Week 2023.

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While Penelope doesn’t share too much about her workout routine, she did get an early start as a ballet dancer, which she credits for her determination.

“The feeling of your toes bleeding, but you keep going with a smile, that really shapes you,” she told The New York Times, speaking of her four-hour rehearsals as a girl. When speaking to Elle Canada, she said she now prefers strength training and HIIT workouts to ballet.

“Now I just do resistance work and a little cardio,” she told the magazine.

Still, these days, she’s more focused on her work and raising her children. With the release of her new film Parallel Mothers, motherhood is the number one thing on her mind.

In fact, the actress spoke to Vogue about what it’s like to raise children amid the COVID pandemic and the political tensions of the past several years.

“I feel like all the kids in the world have given adults a lesson in responsibility, empathy, and compassion. They’ve understood everything so quickly,” she shared with the magazine. “When I tell them that our generation never went through anything like this as kids or teenagers, they can’t believe it. They’re like, ‘Really?’ But, I have hope that we’re now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We don’t know, but I need to believe that.”

That’s a big undertaking for any parent, but luckily, Penelope has some favorite ways to unwind and take care of her own mental and physical health. She told Elle Canada her favorite ways to reset include doing some Bikram yoga and transcendental meditation.

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Love it. Thanks for inspiring us all, Penelope!

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