Rita Ora Dropped A New Song And This Epic, Topless IG Photo All In One Day

Rita Ora Dropped A New Song And This Epic, Topless IG Photo All In One Day

  • Rita Ora just dropped a new single and the news that she’s married on Friday.
  • To promote her new song, the singer shared a topless photo on Instagram showing her sitting on a bed, flaunting her toned abs and legs, and a peek of sideboob.
  • Rita is big on doing HIIT workouts and shares some of her fitness content on Instagram.

Rita Ora might just be having the best day of her life today. First, she dropped the *perfect* bop to help everyone dance their way into the weekend. Then, she followed that up with the news that she is, in fact, happily married to Taika Waititi. Congratulations, Rita! You’ve broken the Internet.

Rita Ora released her new song, “You Only Love Me,” and the visuals are 🔥🔥🔥 to say the very least. In the IG photo, Rita is super toned as she sits on her knees on a bed. She is wearing a pink sequined skirt around her legs and is otherwise topless, giving everyone a peek at her strong core and a little sideboob.

“The new era begins now… You Only Love Me is OUT NOW❤️ I’m so proud of the new music I’ve been working on and have been dying to share it with you all! I love you so much, thank you for being with me 🔐,” Rita captioned a behind-the-scenes photo of her sitting on a bed.

People love the song, video, and Rita’s message on IG. Beneath the photo are about a million heart-eye emojis, flames, and other hype. “RO is back in the game 🔥❤️,” wrote one fan. Another added, “A BOP! MISS YOU SO MUCH❤️❤️❤️.”

If you’re wondering how Rita gets so strong between all her glamorous event appearances and music recording seshes, I’ve got you covered.

First, she trains hard with Jono Castano, who is the founder of Acero Gym. And, lucky for all of us following along on Instagram, Rita has shared some behind-the-scenes of herself doing chest presses at the gym last year. And she completed the moves in a bridge pose for a little extra spice (and toning).

Castano told the Daily Mail that the pair is big on doing HIIT workouts. “My philosophy requires recommending a combination of workouts comprising HIIT, stretching, and recovery,” he said.

Castano continued: “It’s important to ensure I hit each of the three areas for a rounded fitness and wellness plan. For example, with Rita, we might focus on HIIT cardio training in the first half of the week, then core and upper body in the middle, and lower body at the end.” Phew, so these two are definitely getting a sweat on!

When she’s not crushing it in the gym with Castano, Rita is outdoors getting her steps in. Here she is taking a stroll in her bikini.

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But her walks are definitely not limited to the warm weather. She’s known to bundle up when she wants to get moving, as well.

The woman has range. Can’t wait to play this song on repeat, Mrs. Rita Ora Waititi!

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