Salma Hayek, 56, Rocks An Itsy-Bitsy String Bikini—And Her Entire Bod Is Pure #Fitspo

  • Salma Hayek is pure body #goals.

  • Recently, the 56-year-old movie star took to Instagram to post the most stunning bikini photos—and wowowow, she is toned AF!
  • For Salma, staying fit means living an active lifestyle, which she does so well!

Bikini season ~officially~ starts next month, but plenty of celebrities are getting a head start. In the mix: Salma Hayek, who recently dropped photos (and a video) of herself on Instagram that are so hot, they practically made the ocean start boiling.

In the pics, the 56-year-old actress can be seen wearing a bright yellow string bikini as she climbs a ladder onto a boat. There’s Salma showing off her strong abs and sculpted arms as she hovers over the water; a video of Salma underwater; Salma flipping her hair back as she holds onto the ladder; Salma gazing into the distance at the sunset; and Salma arching her back and popping her toned booty on a boat deck as the sun sets in the distance.

“Every time I need to feel renewed I jump into the ocean 🌊,” she wrote in the caption. Cue people, completely bugging out in the comments. “I feel this ❤️,” wrote actress Kerry Washington. “Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover ❤️,” said producer Heather Parry. And supermodel Cindy Crawford kept it simple with: “🔥🔥🔥”

Salma previously told People that she doesn’t have much time to exercise. “I am working,” she said. “I’ve had some 20-hour days.” So, she’s learned to work her muscles in non-traditional ways. “I work with a woman in London who taught me how to hold my body in a way where the muscles are activated all day long,” she said. “So even when you brush your teeth, you’re working the muscles.”

But that doesn’t mean Salma isn’t active. She snorkels—a form of cardio that builds up your leg muscles.

She also goes for walks with her dogs, once sharing on Instagram that she looks at her pups as her trainers.

And she does get to the gym sometimes—she just tries to make it fun. Salma once shared video of herself dancing while walking on the treadmill, which is an impressive feat!

For the record, Salma is seriously flexible. Like, check out her stretching in a hallway with her foot practically up to her ear:

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On the food front, Salma basically has whatever she feels like. “I don’t like to diet and I’m not good at it,” Hayek said on the Juice Generation website (she collaborated with the company to create its Cooler Cleanse line). So, she aims to eat a balanced diet, but also makes plenty of room for stuff she’s craving—like ice cream.

Keep doing you, Salma!

Korin Miller is a freelance writer specializing in general wellness, sexual health and relationships, and lifestyle trends, with work appearing in Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Self, Glamour, and more. She has a master’s degree from American University, lives by the beach, and hopes to own a teacup pig and taco truck one day.