Storm Reid Has The *Most* Epic Abs And Booty In These Iconic Bikini IG Pics

Storm Reid Has The *Most* Epic Abs And Booty In These Iconic Bikini IG Pics

  • Storm Reid showed off her sculpted abs and butt in new Instagram pics where she’s posing in a bikini.

  • When it comes to getting her sweat on, the actress likes working out at the gym with her trainer, and also with friends.
  • Storm also loves cooking new recipes at home, and had a cooking-based FacebookWatch series back in 2021 called “Chop It Up.”

Storm Reid is making it clear that summer is still in full effect, marking the occasion with a slew of new Instagram pics that are simply incredible. The Missing actress, 20, shared some shots from her bikini collab with PacSun, and her abs and booty are super strong and toned as she modeled three different bikinis: one gold, another pink, and a super funky printed one.

“summer ain’t over yet ☀️ my last collection with @pacsun is finally here! what a gorgeous journey this has been. 🥹 make sure y’all cop! ♥︎ @arashiblubystormreid,” she captioned the post.

She *also* shared some behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot where she got busy dancing in one of the adorable pink bikinis. Once again, those strong abs and that toned booty were on full display.

Storm’s pics were getting tons of love from her famous friends. Singer Dawn Richard commented, “🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 a serve,” while singer Chloe Bailey wrote, “gorgeous.” A third commented, “my barbie.” All true!

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If you’re curious to know more about this actress’s workout and health routines, you should know that Storm is super dedicated to her time in the gym, and she works with a personal trainer. Her trainer, called just “C” in his IG bio, shared a series of pics and videos of the two working together on Instagram back in June, noting “From filming, to school at USC she still finds time to stay consistent in the gym.”

In the shots, Storm did a bunch of different exercises, from resistance machine abs toning moves to weighted barbell squats to single-leg resistance machine step-ups.

If it sounds like Storm is all about leg day, you’d be correct. The star told Bustle that she loves working her lower body. “I do love a good leg day. Leg day is my favorite,” she said.

If she’s not with her trainer, Storm also likes to workout with friends. Last year, she shared a mirror selfie at the gym alongside two girlfriends. “low squats, high standards. back in the gym with my faves. 🥹💞,” she captioned the pic.

Storm also loves outdoor activities. Back in March, she also hit the slopes for some skiing.

Last year, she took herself on an epic hot girl hike.

And of course, she’s big into dance.

Taking care of her mental and emotional needs is also crucial. And there are quite a few tricks up Storm’s sleeve. “My self-care routine changes—whether that’s a nap, doing a face mask, watching a movie with my mom and my sister, hanging out with friends, or just being in my room listening to music and not answering my phone. It’s ever-changing for me,” Storm told Byrdie.

When it comes to her diet, Storm’s philosophy is all about finding balance. “It’s about putting good things into my body, but having that balance of giving myself a little leeway,” she told Shape. “It depends on each person, but when a person is healthy mentally and emotionally, then physically they’ll probably be healthier as well.”

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She loves to cook, and started a cooking-based FacebookWatch series back in 2021 called “Chop It Up,” per NBC News. “I’m a foodie, and my favorite pastime is eating, and it’s the thing that I enjoy the most. I’m from the South, so I’ve just been surrounded by good food all my life,” she said. “So I’ve been able to watch my mom in the kitchen and be able to pick up new recipes. Then I think I’m the baker of the family. So if you need a pie, you need a cake, you need some cookies, you come to me.”

I need the pie, cake and cookies recipes ASAP, Storm!

Storm Reid Has The *Most* Epic Abs And Booty In These Iconic Bikini IG Pics


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