These Iconic High-Waisted Lululemon Leggings Are On *Major* Sale RN

These Iconic High-Waisted Lululemon Leggings Are On *Major* Sale RN

Attention lovers of fitness and comfort alike: there’s something big happening on the Lululemon website RN.

Wunder Under High-Rise Tights just entered the brand’s “We Made Too Much” section–and you cannot miss this opportunity. Your legs and your wallet will thank you.

If you’re familiar with these leggings, you already know that they are quite possibly the most comfortable pair of athletic wear a person can own. I’d even go so far as to compare them to my favorite pair of gray sweatpants. Trust me, that’s saying a lot.

Right now, Lulu has the leggings in their “We Made Too Much” section, bringing the item’s initial price down by more than 50% on some designs. Originally priced at $118, you can currently snag a pair of Wunder Under leggings for just $49. Some colors are also offered for $79 and $69, which is still a steal compared to their normal price. I am already reaching for my credit card.

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These Iconic High-Waisted Lululemon Leggings Are On *Major* Sale RN

Lululemon Wunder Train High-Rise Tight

Wunder Train High-Rise Tight

Lululemon Wunder Train High-Rise Tight

Now 58% Off

Lululemon leggings have something for everyone. Even J. Lo has rocked some of their most wild styles. They come in 17 (!!) different colors and designs, including pastel blue, orange soda, creamy mint, and chambray. Whatever your vibe is, there is a Wunder Under for you. Or, you could follow my lead and try out one of each…just an idea!

The Wunder Under High-Rise tights are designed for training, according to Lululemon’s website. So, you could take your tights to a sweaty hot yoga class or get your lunges in during a HIIT workout.

The Everlux™ fabric is breathable, stretchy, and soft, making these leggings a staple in your workout wardrobe. They also have a draw cord, so you’re not awkwardly pulling up your leggings everywhere you go.

Finally, the tights are equipped with a waistband pocket for your keys or credit card, making them perfect for everyday wear, too.

All in all, these leggings are beyond comfy, practical, and cute! You’re not going to want to pass up this deal. Happy shopping!

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