Tia Carrere Celebrates Turning 56 With A Super Epic Bikini IG Photo

Tia Carrere Celebrates Turning 56 With A Super Epic Bikini IG Photo

  • Tia Carrere is celebrating her 56th
    birthday with a super confident and strong bikini photo that put her toned abs on display.
  • The Wayne’s World actress hasn’t shared much about her workout routines lately, but she seems to lead an active lifestyle.
  • Tia has talked about the importance of finding roles that meet her where she is in her life.

Tia Carrere just rang in her birthday in the Bahamas and, from the looks of it, she had an epic time.

The newly minted 56-year-old actress casually dropped some bikini pics from her trip, looking super strong and happy. There’s Tia in a black string bikini hanging on a ladder over gorgeous turquoise waters (and rocking some seriously toned abs), Tia in a one-piece that showed off her strong legs while she paddle boarded, and Tia ringing in the New Year with buddies.

“#happynewyear #happybirthday to me :-),” she wrote in the caption. “Thank you thank you thank you @spychick_6 and #secretislandlair for an epic start to 2023 and the first day of the rest of my life! #eleuthera.”

The comments of Tia’s post were flooded with fire emojis, and even some Wayne’s World references. One fan wrote: “absolutely exquisite, stunning, sexy, 😍.”

Despite posting this strong photo, Tia told Yahoo Life during the summer of 2022 that she’s not big on bikini pics.

“I know what works for me and I know what works for my body and what makes me feel comfortable,” she said, referring to her tendency to opt for one-pieces.

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On the workout front, Tia hasn’t shared a ton lately, but it’s clear she leads an active lifestyle (peep the paddle boarding, which requires some serious core strength).

She also joked on Instagram about a workout dilemma she faced in May 2021, writing “Either the kitchen or the bike? I choose bike. 😉 #actress #fitness #goals”

But Tia also told InBetween that she doesn’t stress about her fitness and eating routines. “Being 23 and doing Wayne’s World in those short tight dresses and bikinis, I had to pay more attention to food and exercise,” she shared. “I was never unhealthy about it or obsessed, but just aware of what I wanted to look like on film.”

Now, Tia says that she was “over the moon” to play Lady Danger in Netflix’s AJ and the Queen, because she told the outlet that she had “finally met a character in which I could be who I am right now at this time in my life.”

“I’m more voluptuous in my look and the way I express myself,” Tia added. “It was liberating being fully myself without feeling self-conscious at all.”

Happy birthday, Tia! Fifty-six already looks great on you.