Tracee Ellis Ross Dropped An Epic, Booty-Shakin’ IG Tribute To Mom Diana Ross

  • Tracee Ellis Ross just posted an iconic birthday tribute to her mom, Diana Ross, dropping a video on Instagram where she dances to “Work That Body.”

  • In the shots, Tracee is wearing various leotards that show off her toned legs and a peek of her sculpted booty.
  • The actress says that working out benefits her physical and mental health.

In case you weren’t sure, Tracee Ellis Ross definitely got it from her mama! The 50-year-old actress celebrated her iconic mother’s birthday in true Diana Ross fashion: She recreated her mom’s “Work That Body” music video and posted it on Instagram.

“In honor of my mom @dianaross’s 79th birthday today, Pt 2: in 2014, I recreated my mom’s ‘Work That Body’ video and I did what the kids call a mashup. Happy birthday to my incredible otherworldly icon of a mom. I love you so so so so much,” Tracee captioned the video. In the shots, Tracee prances around in red and yellow leotards, shaking her booty as she copies her mom’s moves. She is simply super strong and fabulous in the footage.

Plus, it’s pretty cool to see her “dancing” next to her mom. People loved the nostalgic nod to Mama Diana, and they let Tracee know in the comments.

“This is just the best, most precious thing. Love this so much! Happy birthday to the Queen! ❤️❤️❤️,” commented comedian Phoebe Robinson. “I love everything about this! I can’t take it! ❤️❤️,” Kate Hudson added.

While there’s no doubt Tracee is nailing the moves in the music video, she is also super toned in her leotards, from her long legs to a peek of her booty. If you’re curious to know more about her workout routines, you’re in luck, because she posts (and talks) about them quite a bit.

For starters, Tracee is a fan of the Tracy Anderson Method. This workout class is focused on toning and tightening by doing small movements with light weights. Based on the video Tracee shared of herself doing squats, kickbacks, and more with resistance bands, I’d say it’s an effective method!

She also loves her kettlebells and works with trainer Jason Walsh to nail her form.

Working out is actually a big part of Tracee’s self-care routines, she shared with InStyle. The actress told the website that she tries to hit the gym three to four times per week. And when she’s getting her sweat on, she likes to change it up so things don’t get boring.

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“I find that, as adults, we stay so regimented in our movement, even if we get on a treadmill. The music changes all the patterns, and my body gets to move freely, so you feel amazing—which is ultimately the point of the workouts, too,” she shared.

That is so true. Keep crushing it, Tracee!

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