Uh, Lindsey Vonn’s 🔥 Abs Are On Full Display In A Tiny String Bikini On IG

  • Lindsey Vonn is all abs in her most recent IG post from a day out on the water.

  • In the pics, the retired Olympic skier is wearing a yellow string bikini and she’s toned all over.
  • Lindsey goes super hard in her workouts, whether she’s on the road or at home with her dog.

Lindsey Vonn’s summer vacay is truly the stuff of dreams. The retired Olympic skier, 38, shared snaps on Instagram of a sunny day she spent lounging on a boat with her adorable pup, Lucy, and it is everything. In the pics, she’s enjoying a cold drink and cool swim. Of course, Lindsey is also rocking a super-cute yellow string bikini that highlighted her epic abs, arms and legs. Honestly, I couldn’t be more envious of the entire setup.

“That’s my dog 🐶❤️ Had to get in a fun day before my surgery. Will post more soon. 🤞🏻,” she captioned the pics. Her fans cheered her on in the comments and sent lots of well-wishes for a speedy recovery from her surgery. Right now, it’s unclear what she’s having surgery on, but sounds like everyone will get an update soon. Feel better soon, Lindsey!

If you’re wondering how Lindsey gets such chiseled abs, you’re not alone. And luckily, you’ve come to the right place, because the star has shared her routines with Women’s Health and posts about them on social media.

For starters, this athlete goes hard. When Lindsey posts her workouts on IG, she likes to talk about the infamous “chin-drip” that occurs when she’s sweating (and working) so much during a workout that the sweat simply drips down her chin. Her friends and fans will also tag her in their own chin-drip posts!

And while she’s been on the road a lot this summer, Lindsey hasn’t skimped on her workouts. Lindsey shared one of her recent workouts during a trip to Paris that included medicine ball core work, dumbbell presses and resistance machine work.

And she also got in another workout while on the road: A bunch of circuit work that involved Bosu ball planks, weighted lunges and more medicine ball exercises.

Of course, her core also gets quite the workout at the gym. “I just like pushing myself,” Lindsey recently told Women’s Health. “I like feeling strong, and when I feel physically strong, I feel so much more mentally strong. When I work out, I feel like I’m healthier and more confident. I’ve achieved something, no matter how small.”

Lindsey likes to gets active outside the gym, too. She recently got in a game of tennis:

And also showed off her incredible balance (and core strength) during a wakeboarding session:

If you work out hard, you have to fuel up properly, which any athlete knows. Clearlyh, Lindsey is on board because eating well is also a top priority. For breakfast, she often chooses what she eats based on her upcoming workouts. She starts her day with a banana and almond butter if cardio is on the menu, eggs with some avocado if she’s lifting, or steel cut oats with fruit if she plans on skiing, she told WH. Lunch is usually a protein-packed salad, and dinner is another type of protein that she puts in the air fryer and plops on a salad. “I always put a little goat cheese on there and as many veggies as possible,” she said.

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But Lindsey also makes that she doesn’t push too hard. “I treat myself whenever I feel like I need to. Since I’m not competing anymore I feel like I can let loose a little bit,” she tells WH.

Love it, Lindsey!

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