Uhh...Jenna Dewan Has A Seriously Sculpted Core In Lacy Lingerie On IG

Uhh…Jenna Dewan Has A Seriously Sculpted Core In Lacy Lingerie On IG

  • Jenna Dewan just dropped some spicy new Valentine’s Day photos wearing two different sets of lingerie that showed off her totally toned abs.
  • In one pic, the star donned a heart-shaped bra, and in the other, a black lace bra and undies set.
  • Jenna loves doing strength training and dance-based workouts.

Keeping things fresh is important in any relationship. And Jenna Dewan apparently knows the deal—because she debuted two different lingerie looks on Valentine’s Day. The 42-year-old shared a sweet Valentine’s Day photo dump on Instagram alongside the caption, “Celebrating LO❤️‍🔥E.”

Jenna kicked things off with a photo of herself in a red satin heart-shaped bra top with a matching skirt, and accessorized with her jacked abs. Flip on through to an FKA Twigs single, flowers, and another shot of Jenna, this time wearing lacy black lingerie, and showing off her toned abs and strong legs. The final shots are of Jenna and her partner, Steve Kazee, along with her dogs.

People lost it in the comments. “OKAY!!!! 🔥🔥🔥,” said Amanda Kloots, while someone else chimed in with, “I mean hello abs. I need that work out plan 😍.”

At baseline, Jenna is a professional dancer, and that’s a sport that requires some serious core and leg strength. So, it’s hardly shocking that she’s strong all over.

Still, Jenna doesn’t ~just~ dance. She previously told Women’s Health that she’s big into Pilates, a practice she does at least three to four times a week with her trainer, Kim Carruthers. “It gets you fit so fast, and you just feel stronger,” Jenna said. “The dancer in me really likes it because it activates the same muscles in my core.”

Jenna told WH back in 2018 that she’s big into lifting weights. “I want to build muscle, so I can pick up my daughter,” she said. “Before, it used to be like, ‘I wanna get long, lean muscles.’ Now, I’m just like, ‘I wanna feel strong and good.’”

Also in the mix? Pole dancing, which is an impressive core workout and thigh burner.

On the food front, Jenna told WH that she follows a mostly vegetarian diet, and she takes an 80/20 approach to her meal times (that means 80 percent of the time she focuses on “healthy” foods, and the other 20 percent is fair game for whatever she’s craving).

Jenna said she likes to start every morning with a green smoothie loaded with spinach, romaine, celery, cilantro, parsley, apple, banana, and lemon. And, for lunch and dinner, she just tries to do something simple. Jenna said she tried to cook more when the pandemic first hit and it didn’t go over super well with her family. “People in the house were like, ‘You’ve got a lot of strengths. I don’t know if cooking is one of them,’” she joked.

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One thing she is good at cooking, though, is her self-described “Jenna Salad.” It features things like carrots, bell peppers, broccoli, avocado, and sometimes sauerkraut—topped with a veggie burger and dressed with lemon, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Yum…

Go, Jenna, go!

Uhh...Jenna Dewan Has A Seriously Sculpted Core In Lacy Lingerie On IG

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