Um, Billie Eilish’s Legs And Abs Are So Sculpted In Fishnets On IG

  • Billie Eilish posted some pictures of herself on Instagram in fishnet tights and shorts, and her epically strong legs and abs are on full display.

  • The singer recently began working out to prevent injuries while performing on her Happier Than Ever tour.
  • She’s also vegan and frequently shares her recipes on Instagram (her noodle soup is a fave).

Billie Eilish has shown the world that she has many different sides, whether that’s the Barbie-blonde girl singing “What Was I Made For?” or the edgy brunette who wrote “bad guy.” (BTW, the latter song is now a certified diamond single since it has sold 10 million units.)

Now, the 21-year-old singer has dropped some photos of herself on Instagram posing in a black ski mask, wearing a pair of tiny shorts, fishnet tights, and a crop top that says “messy sexy” in red writing that looks like lipstick. And while it’s already established that Billie is *so* cool, she’s also super strong. Can we take a moment to talk about those abs? They could be cut from marble.

If you’re loving Billie’s look, you are in good company. Fans and friends flooded her comment section with praise for the ‘fit. “The wind has been knocked out of me,” one fan wrote, while another said, “HAVING BREATHING PROBLEMS RN.”

Wondering how Billie gets those strong abs and legs? Well, her focus on fitness started with an injury. She was preparing to go on her Happier Than Ever tour when she hurt her ankle. Since then, the songwriter has been focused on hitting the gym to prevent injuries, Billie told Apple Music in an interview, although she didn’t go into detail on her routine.

“I’ve been like completely changing the way that my life is, involving fitness. Like I’m a gym rat now, like when the [censored] did that happen? I don’t know but it did. It started with ‘I can’t get injured anymore, can’t do it, not going to let myself live like that.’ Because I lived like that for years,” Billie shared.

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Workouts like weight training and mobility exercises are proven to help people, especially women prevent injuries, especially if they struggle with decreased bone density as they age. “It’s become such an incredibly huge part of my life and it makes me feel so much better as a person and the way that I can move on stage now,” she says.

And if you’ve seen Billie on stage, you know that endurance training is paying off! She jumps around a lot while performing, so I’m guessing she works on her cardio a lot as well.

The “Happier Than Ever” singer is energized and strong as she rocks stages all over the globe! There’s no doubt that she trains hard to perform at this intensity every night.

When it comes to staying fueled, Billie is vegan and occasionally shares her fave recipes on Instagram, like noodle soup and a delicious-looking peanut butter vegan cookie. Yum!

It’s clear Billie is learning the delicate balance of truly nourishing yourself, which is beautiful to see. Keep crushing it, Billie!


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