Watch Candace Cameron Bure Crush This Workout In A New IG Video πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ”₯

Watch Candace Cameron Bure Crush This Workout In A New IG Video πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ”₯

Candace Cameron Bure showed off her workout skills in a new video posted on her Instagram. Candace’s abs were totally toned as she danced, and exercised, along to “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” with trainer Kira Stokes.

The video had a total ’90s vibe (even though the song technically came out a bit earlier). Candace even captioned it “Girls just want to have fun 🀩” and plugged Kira Stokes’ new fitness app. The routine Candace and her trainer did together was pretty simple, and the 46 year old clarified in the comments that it was a part of Kira’s “walkout warm up” on her app. I might just have to download. It looked like a blast!

Candace’s followers thought she totally slayed this workout. “You make that look easy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚,” wrote one fan. Another posed a thoughtful observation: “I’m never more impressed than when you workout with your hair down,” wrote author Annie F. Downs. Honestly, it’s a skill! Many, many of her followers also wanted to know what kind of shoes Candace was rocking for her workout (Brooks Launch 9, in case you were wondering.)

In addition to her trainer’s fitness workouts, Candace loves to sweat in all kinds of ways because she loves how it supports her mental health. She does Pilates, running, and HIIT exercise, according to Prevention. She also works out at least five times a week, she once told Parade.

As for her diet, Candace enjoys matcha, tuna, veggies and chicken, according to Eating Well. She also loves ice creamβ€”particularly cookie dough. I love a healthy balance!

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In 2016, Candace also opened up about her struggles with an eating disorder to Women’s Health. β€œSo many people always wanted to talk to me about what was my workout plan, what was I eating, you know, [saying] I looked great,” Candace said. β€œThe more I talked about it, the more I was starting to share that it was a much deeper issue.”

Although Candace struggled with an eating disorder primarily in her 20s, the Fuller House actress felt it was important to share her story, and she said the best way to help those experiencing one is to listen. β€œI think a lot of people don’t realize the seriousness of eating disorders. To be supportive is to really listen. To come with open ears and compassion is the best thing you can do,” she said.

Spreading awareness and quality workout tips. Thanks, Candace!