Watch Cardi B Show Off Her Super Strength Modeling A Swimsuit On IG

Watch Cardi B Show Off Her Super Strength Modeling A Swimsuit On IG

  • Cardi B took to her Instagram Story this week to share a video of herself modeling a fabulous one-piece swimsuit in a beachy locale.
  • The rapper was super strong in the swimsuit, showing everyone that she’s a confident queen while a new Rosalía song played in the background.
  • Cardi has been very open about her health struggles and triumphs over the years, and she’s all about trying new things.

Cardi B just took a moment out of her busy day at the beach to drop an absolutely fire Instagram video featuring Rosalía’s “Despechá RMX“.

In the video, Cardi seems to be living it up in a tropical locale with her husband, Offset, and her beachside looks have everyone taking notes. Cardi is rocking a lime green, wrap swimsuit that accentuates her curves, and highlights how strong the rapper is these days. She paired the suit with a green and blue kaftan, a bright yellow purse, and lots of bling. In case you missed it the first time around, here’s a shot of the whole look:

Watch Cardi B Show Off Her Super Strength Modeling A Swimsuit On IG

Cardi B

And the full video:

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Cardi B on her Instagram Story.

If you’re here to get a peek into Cardi’s health and wellness routines to figure out how she stays so strong, you’ve come to the right place.

Cardi has been very open about her fitness journey (as she is with most things) and has even taken followers along for the ride while she dabbles in various new activities. She posts the videos on Facebook Watch in a series she has titled “Cardi Tries.” If you haven’t treated yourself to these videos, I cannot recommend them enough. There’s some of Cardi doing ballet, firefighting, playing tennis, and fishing (all of which are full episodes), and more.

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The ballet episode, which features lessons from dancing legend Debbie Allen has Cardi trading her twerks for plies, and based on the amount of screaming coming out of Cardi’s mouth, I’d say it was some tough toning work.

“It’s just like simplest looking things, but it’s the hardest, most painful thing. My knees were killing me. Why does it have to be like that? I’m just bending down,” Cardi remarks after the class.

Cardi actually started out as a dancer, so she’s probably no stranger to the workout benefits it affords. Seriously, pole dancing is really tough work that requires lots of strength, and no one knows this better than J.Lo and Cardi B.

As legend has it, Cardi used to work at the Amish Market in New York City’s TriBeCa neighborhood before her boss fired her and said she should try stripping at a club across the street instead, per an interview with Fader. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Cardi has also always been *super* open about the fact she gets cosmetic surgery done. Case in point: In 2019, while performing on stage, she told her crowd she should’ve canceled because “moving too much is going to f*** up my lipo,” but the Queen made sure the show went on.

Crushing it, Cardi.