Alicia Keys’ Ultra-Toned Abs In A Knotted Bra Top On Tour Are *Everything*

  • Alicia Keys just wrapped a concert in Brazil, and she took a moment to drop a super-strong photo on Instagram.

  • In the pic, the singer is wearing a knotted bra top and showing off her toned abs.
  • Alicia says that building up a sweat makes her feel good, and she has even partnered with Athleta on some cute workout sets.

Have you heard? Alicia Keys is having a serious ~moment~ right now. The Grammy Award-winner is performing all over the world and is about to head into her summer tour so, ya know, she’s pretty darn busy.

Well, the 42-year-old singer took a quick break from her schedule to drop photos on Instagram of herself in São Paulo, Brazil. And it looks like she had the best time. In one pic, Alicia poses in a knotted bra top and slouchy jeans with her toned abs on full display. The concert venue is in full view in the background. Next, she posted multiple shots of herself performing onstage in the coolest head-to-toe bodysuit that shows off her strong legs.

“São Paulo, I miss you already!!! That was insanity 🤯💜,” Alicia wrote in the caption. “Buenos Aires, I can’t wait to see you TONIGHT!” People were all over it in the comments. “You are a superstar,” one wrote, while another chimed in with, “You were stunning.”

As if owning a world tour isn’t enough, Alicia just re-imagined her massive hit “If I Ain’t Got You” for Netflix’s Queen Charlotte with a global orchestra of 70+ women of color. “I had REAL tears in my eyes when we recorded this! How does this song keep doing this? I’m so grateful to you, for loving this like I do!!” she wrote on Instagram. And if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, I highly recommend doing so.

Alicia is clearly super strong and glowy these days, so you may find yourself wondering, “How does she do it?” For starters, performing is no joke. Alicia is on stage for hours doing choreography and belting out songs, and that’ll definitely get her heart rate up. She apparently also dances when she’s not on stage. Evidence:

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And when she’s not working hard on stage, Alicia is putting in work at the gym. She dropped a video on YouTube in 2020 of herself doing a workout with celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins that was no joke. In the video, Alicia and Jenkins can be seen going through a ton of core work, including upward dogs, side planks, and crunches to target Alicia’s abs.

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Sometimes, Alicia does HIIT workouts with Jenkins, too. Together, they filmed one for Popsugar in 2021, where the camera captures them cycling through moves like lunges and various yoga poses. Alicia announced during the video that Jenkins helped with “starting me on my journey to fitness” which, aww.

By the way, Alicia can crush an indoor cycling routine, too. She causally dropped video on Instagram late last year of herself going to town on the bike. “This is how I start my morning off!! I need this! To stay focused, to be my strongest, to remind myself NOTHING can stop me!! Not even myself!!” she wrote in the caption.

Oh! And Alicia is so into fitness that she has a special Alicia Keys x Athleta collection. (She regularly models her looks on Instagram.)

The singer told People that working out just feels good to her. “I enjoy working out because it makes me feel good, not because I can’t wait to post a selfie,” she said. “I’ve discovered that working out, meditating, physical activity, quietness and stillness, journal writing, a nap, just putting yourself together in a way that makes you feel good… all of these things are part of what feed me as a woman.”

Congrats on all your recent success, Alicia!

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