Anitta’s Toned AF Booty And Abs Are 🔥 In A Stuffed Animal Thong Bikini On IG

  • Anitta has been living life to the fullest lately, and she dropped some BTS footage of herself in a thong bikini on her Instagram Story this week.

  • In the pics, the singer got busy showed off her mega-toned butt and abs in her cheeky swimsuit and cutoff jeans.
  • Anitta loves dancing for exercise, and enjoys following a vegan diet.

You can add finding the smallest denim shorts known to man to pop star Anitta’s long list of accomplishments. The 30-year-old singer rocked a thong bikini (complete with a top decked out in tiny stuffed animal heads) and teeny tiny jean shorts that showed off her super strong abs and booty. Summer is officially here, people!

The star posted several photos on her Instagram Story and on her grid.

“🥰😍,” Anitta captioned her latest photo dump, which featured the fun outfit. Her fans were living for the fun look, and they let her know. Anitta’s comments section was filled with more heart and flame emojis than I can count. “This trip looks very fun,” added one follower, and she’s not wrong! Anitta looks super happy as she lives it up on the beach with friends.

And here are some other shots:

Anitta poses in her stuffed animal bikini.


anitta in a bikini



But back to the star’s epically toned abs and booty. If you’re wondering how she gets so strong, Women’s Health has some answers for you about her specific health and wellness routines. While the “Me Gusta” singer told WH she doesn’t *love* working out, she puts in the work to be able to twerk and bust out some seriously intense moves during her hour-long performances. All that jumping and moving definitely gets the heart pumping!

That’s why Anitta focuses on strength training, particularly on circuits that work her legs, arms, back, and “boom boom,” or booty, she told WH. In fact, she shared a glimpse into her routine on IG in a promotion with Adidas. In the clips, Anitta does weighted squats, and bench presses, and gets her stretching in.

practices yogaWHstrengthen her other muscles

Speaking of stretching, Anitta is a big fan. She , which keeps her body and mind strong, and also does Pilates, she tells . Not only do these two routines help her keep her washboard abs toned, but they so she stays injury free. “Pilates helps so much with my back and [other] physical problems,” she says.

BTW, Anitta also does Muay Thai or jiu-jitsu once a week to keep her cardio up, she told WH.

When it comes to keeping fueled for all of her workouts, Anitta told Billboard her favorite food is feijoada, a traditional soup with beans, beef, and pork. When she’s not reaching for comfort food, though, she eats a mostly plant-based diet. She even began working with Future Farm, a plant-based brand in Latin America, to raise awareness of plant-based food options, according to Vegconomist.

Sustainable food, and farm fresh eating is important to the star. In an Interview Magazine chat with her friend and singer J Balvin, Anitta shared her dreams for the future.

“I want to have a big family, live in the middle of nowhere, be a farmer. Just planting my own food on my vegan farm with kids… I like having a small cozy house with dogs. I’m simple,” she shared.

Love this vision for Anitta. And if you ever want visitors on the vegan farm… You know where to find me!

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