At 57, Elizabeth Hurley’s Killer Abs Totally Slay In A Teeny String Bikini

  • Elizabeth Hurley is living her best life, as per usual.

  • The 57-year-old actress recently took to Instagram to pose in one of her fave bikinis—and wow, her abs are beyond toned!
  • To stay super fit, Liz makes sure to eat well and never snack. She also likes a busy day-to-day life that keeps her moving. “I don’t really do any set exercise, per se, because I prefer to get my exercise from doing something than being in the gym,” she said.

While Elizabeth Hurley practically lives in a bikini, a girl’s got to have the right accessories to complete the look. So, she turned to her friend, Elton John.

Liz just casually dropped a photo of herself on Instagram working a bikini from her Elizabeth Hurley Beach collection (of course), topped off with a floral coverup and oversized shades from Elton John Eyewear. The 57-year-old actress looks super happy and fit, flashing her toned abs and sculpted legs for the camera. “Thank you @eltonjohn and @davidfurnish for my fabulous @eltonjohneyewear 💗❤️💗❤️💗❤️,” she wrote in the caption.

Cue people totally losing it. “So hot at this age….amazing,” said one person. “One question, HOW??!🔥👌🏻” another said. Worth noting: Elton chimed in with, “Darling, you look fabulous ❤️.” AGREED!

Elizabeth is a huge fan of that bikini. She wore it here:


And here, for starters:

While she looks super strong from all angles, Elizabeth has been open about not really loving the gym.

“I don’t exercise, but I am very active,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. She’s also big into gardening. “I love getting muddy and hacking down things with my chain saw,” she shared.

Liz is also big into found fitness. “I don’t really do any set exercise, per se, because I prefer to get my exercise from doing something than being in the gym,” she previously told Women’s Health. That includes things like doing squats as she brushes her teeth to work her legs, thighs, and butt, along with 20-minute walks with her dogs that are fast enough to get her HR up.

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Elizabeth likes eating well, too. She recently told Women’s Health that she focuses on mindful eating, especially when she’s filming. “I try really hard to eat three times a day,” she said. “I think the concept of snacking and grazing throughout the day is terrible for people’s digestion. I think you need to eat and then give your body time to digest, use that food, and completely empty.”

She added, “My philosophy is eat well, eat enough three times a day, and stop snacking.”

Elizabeth Hurley, everyone!

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