Carrie Underwood, 40, Shares The Sneakers She Says Offer Great ‘Stability’

Carrie Underwood, 40, Shares The Sneakers She Says Offer Great ‘Stability’

Carrie Underwood, 40, Shares The Sneakers She Says Offer Great ‘Stability’

Between touring, filming workouts for fitness app fit52, being a mom, and staying on top of her own wellness, country music star Carrie Underwood leads quite the active life. Despite a jam-packed schedule, the star recently sat down with Prevention to share the three products she uses to look and feel her best and reach her health goals.

First things first, Underwood makes sure she’s staying hydrated. “Staying hydrated is one of those things that you don’t notice until you’re dehydrated,” she says, which can make you wonder, “What is wrong with me? Why am I tired? Why do I feel sluggish? Like what’s wrong with my skin? And…having that baseline I feel like everybody’s always looking for supplements and stuff like that. And those are great if you’re lacking things in your diet, but eating well and staying hydrated is kind of your base level.”

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Hydration is key for everyone, but when you’re on tour performing, it becomes even more crucial. Underwood swears by one beverage in particular: “BODYARMOR LYTE is always on the bus and in my dressing room,” she says. “I keep that pretty simple too. Especially when I’m on the road.” The beverage is a sports drink full of electrolytes (and has zero-sugar added!).

Next up, it’s footwear. The star says she changes her sneakers depending on the type of exercise—which is something many pros do as well. The best walking shoes often differ from the best spin shoes, after all. While she doesn’t specify a particular style, the star says she wears Hoka One One when weightlifting. “I like those for lifting because I feel like they give you more stability,” she says. But, she goes in another direction for cardio. “I would do something different, like an Adidas Ultra Boost when running,” she says.

But it’s not all about exercise. Diet plays a role in energizing the star to take the stage. She admits maintaining a nutritious diet can be difficult while on tour. But, when at home, she grows her own food. “When I’m at home, I grow a lot of my own food. I love vegetables. I love fresh fruits. I have a garden,” she says. Though she says she enjoys the physical aspect of gardening, the most important part is “having food that’s so much better for me and my family and being able to grow that. It tastes so much better,” she says.

She’s been known to show off incredibly toned legs in shorts with chains and wow on the red carpet—so whatever she’s doing seems to be working. While we can train like the singer thanks to Fit52 workouts, next on our to-do list: snag her fitness faves.

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