Anne Hathaway’s Endless Legs In The New Versace Campaign Are Seriously Strong

  • Anne Hathaway is the stunning new face of Versace, and it couldn’t be more fitting.

  • The 40-year-old actress took to Instagram to reveal the first few photos from the campaign. And wowza, she couldn’t look stronger or fitter if she tried!
  • When she’s not working on a new film, Anne gets her fitness fix by way of yoga. But when she’s working, she goes for HIIT and strength training session.

Anne Hathaway’s fashion game has been seriously on point lately, so it’s hardly shocking to see that she’s landed a Versace campaign. Well, the first images are in, and they’re pretty much everything.

The 40-year-old movie star just shared two looks from the campaign, which show her all glowy and strong-looking. There’s Anne in a black corseted top that showcases her sculpted shoulders, followed by Anne in a sparkly mini dress, showing off some seriously toned legs.

“When the brilliant and talented @donatella_versace approached me for this campaign, she shared her vision of a timeless collection with the trademark @versace edge,” Anne wrote in the caption. “She said she wanted to focus on pieces designed to be a cherished part of one’s wardrobe, enjoyed outside the trend cycle, worn again and again throughout your life. I thought it was a fantastic idea, and I am so proud, grateful and thrilled to find myself newly included in the iconic @versace family. Now I’m gonna go enjoy these sexy jeans. 🧷⚡️👖🖤.”

People were all over it in the comments. “Oh hey now 🔥🔥🔥,” one wrote; while another jokingly referenced her Devil Wears Prada character with “Andy 2.0.”

Anne ~also~ flashed those killer legs at the Versace fashion show in early March:

Aaand at Sundance in January:

So, what’s Anne doing to look so strong these days? Her personal trainer Ramona Braganza previously dropped some insider knowledge on Women’s Health. When Anne is prepping for something like the Oscars, Braganza said she’ll do five days of one-hour workouts in the morning. And the two don’t skip over warmups: “We often warmed up by doing sun salutations or a dance warmup,” Braganza said. The workouts themselves were usually HIIT-based, which can get your HR up really fast.

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But Braganza said she encouraged Anne to get outside, too. “Going for walks are always included in my clients’ programs, since it’s important to have a nice break from indoor training,” she said.

Anne is a mom of two, and she told People that she feels like workouts became easier after having kids. “I find that my workout is really different now because I gave birth,” she shared. “I feel like doing burpees now after having a baby is zero big deal.”

She also previously told Shape that she’s big into yoga. “I try to make it to yoga three or four times a week. It’s a different story when I’m working on a film, though,” she said. “I work out with a trainer and I do a lot of strength training and HIIT when I need to do that.”

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Food-wise, Anne has suggested she’s open to trying new things. She was a vegan for a while and she said on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert that she was into it. “I think I’m a vegan now. Like, I think this is it,” she said. “I know I’ve done it before and I know it’s never stuck but I think this is the time that I’m doing it.” While Anne said she’s eaten meat since then, she’s still in favor of veganism. “It’s great. And we should do as much as we can to eat vegetables for the environment,” she said.

Those jeans, though…

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