Check Out Dua Lipa’s 🔥🔥 Abs In Her New Vacay Insta Photo Dump

Check Out Dua Lipa’s 🔥🔥 Abs In Her New Vacay Insta Photo Dump

Dua Lipa is making me crave a tropical vacay. The 27-year-old singer posted the most colorful and vibrant photo dump on her Instagram recently. In addition to some really beautiful island sights, Dua Lipa was looking totally toned, tanned, and confident in three separate bikini looks.

Yes, Dua Lipa graced us with lots of content in this post. In her first picture, the singer wears an all-white bikini ensemble with a see-through knit cover up. Her super sculpted legs almost distract from the beautiful seaside sunset behind her. A few posts later, she shows off the same look in a golden hour video clip that shows a peek of her abs.

The next two photos, one in a flowery set, and another in a pink top and orange mesh pants, has Dua Lipa’s chiseled abs on total display. To top it off, the singer posted a video of her wading through water in a black bikini looking “All calm and stress freeee,” as her caption reads.

“Cinematic 😍❤️,” wrote one commenter. Singer and songwriter Julia Michaels wrote what everyone who saw this post was probably thinking: “Wow 🙌.”

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Of course with abs like hers, you know Dua Lipa puts in work on her core. The singer likes to do HIIT training, and pays special attention to her abs, per Women’s Health UK. Her workout routine includes a variety of ab moves and bicycle crunches. She also reportedly does some type of yoga on the daily, according to her Instagram.

Dua Lipa’s exercise routine is very important to her, so she usually uses it to jump start her day. “When I’m feeling super lazy and need someone to get me motivated, getting physical really starts my day off right,” the star wrote in Refinery29 in 2021. She also said that she loves working out with friends. It’s always great to have a workout buddy!

As for her diet, the “Levitating” singer loves cooking, and tries to stick with food that “nourishes her body and [her] life,” per Refinery29. For Dua Lipa, that might mean a banana and cashew butter, eggs and toast, or chicken or fish with veggies, per Health Yogi.

Whatever she does, it seems Dua Lipa is all about nourishing her body. I love it!

Check Out Dua Lipa’s 🔥🔥 Abs In Her New Vacay Insta Photo Dump

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