Christina Aguilera Is So Strong Lounging In A Bathtub In Only A Swimsuit On IG

  • Christina Aguilera is bringing the heat with her latest Instagram post, which shows the singer lounging in a bathtub in just a swimsuit and sky-high heels.

  • In the pic, the singer is showing off her mega-sculpted legs, and she is definitely as strong as ever.
  • Christina hasn’t shared much about her current workouts, but she previously talked about learning to love and embrace her curves.

Christina Aguilera just did a few performances in New York City, but she took a timeout to casually drop some bathing suit photos on Instagram. Because why not?

In the pics, the 42-year-old singer can be seen modeling a bright yellow one-piece swimsuit with the words “Xtina Liquid Icon” on the front. There’s Christina posing in a bathtub with her sculpted legs stretched out in front of her, a closeup of her suit and sunglasses, and then what appears to be a butt print on the wall.

“What’s poppin NYC?! 🚨 see you tonight 💋,” she wrote in the caption. And people freaked in the comments, which only makes sense seeing as this photoshoot is all kinds of iconic. “My sis is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥…🥵🥵🥵🥵,” one said. “BADDIE IN A BOTTLE,” someone else wrote.

It’s clear that Christina is seriously toned, and it’s no wonder—she’s been going hard onstage lately, which makes for some serious sweat and cardio seshes.

While Christina looks super strong right now, she told Health magazine that she’s learned to be more comfortable with her body over time. “I think we all have our good days and our bad days in how we feel about ourselves,” she said. “Entering this business, I hated being super skinny. Once I turned 21, I started filling out a little bit, and I was loving my new curves. I appreciated having a booty.

Christina said she remembers feeling “so insecure” in her early 20s. “I would never want to relive my 20s—you’re so in your own head and finding your confidence,” she said. But these days, she says, she’s learned to stop comparing herself to other people and appreciate her body.

While the Grammy Award-winner hasn’t shared many details about her current exercise or diet plan, she previously told Health that yoga is in the mix. In fact, she said her yoga practice had been “instrumental” in helping her with her mental health—and she’s been doing it since at least 2016.

Back then, she told Women’s Health that she exercises to feel in touch with her body. “Health shouldn’t be torturous,” she said. “Healthy is a state of mind, and it has to come from inside. It is not a sit-up; it’s not a calorie count.”

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Christina Aguilera, everyone!

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