Cycling Experts Swear By These Peloton-Compatible Shoes


There are plenty of good budget-friendly pairs out there, but if you’re looking to make an investment, you’ll be happy to know that a good pair of cycling shoes should last you for years.

“Unlike sneakers that may wear down and you have to replace them, cycling shoes don’t have that need; you will replace the cleats though,” says Simms, who used one pair of cycling shoes for six years until she lost them at a studio she was visiting.

Speaking of cleats, you’ll likely have to purchase them separately from the shoes themselves. (And there are multiple types, so make sure you grab the ones that fit your Peloton bike.)


“You want to make sure you’re finding shoes that you feel comfortable in—you don’t want the toe box to be too tight and your foot should be able to move within the cleat,” says Linder-Moss. “Since you’re projecting forward on the bike, you might want to go up a half size in your shoe so your toes don’t hit the front with every stroke.” Your shoes should also be adjustable so they can adapt to your bike, she adds.

Strap and clip type

You can choose between several kinds of straps or traditional laces, but D’Ercole recommends investing in shoes with a locking mechanism that either ratchets with micro-adjustments or comes with a strong velcro closure to hug your feet. These will give you a supportive fit that prevents your shoes from slipping off.

“You also want to make sure your shoes have the Look Delta cleats, which are compatible with the Peloton bike,” says Linder-Moss.

Upper and sole type

Look for a shoe with a stiff sole, D’Ercole suggests. “If your shoes are bending each time you press down on the pedals, the shoe is absorbing and dissipating your effort,” she explains.

“When the shoe is flexing, the body compensates, creating unnecessary fatigue.” (And you know Cody Rigsby works you hard enough already.)

For indoor cycling, breathability is a must, Simms adds. Your feet are going to sweat (gross but true) and the more airflow you can get to them the better off your foot health is.