Dakota Johnson Slays In A See-Through Top And Miniskirt In These Pics πŸ‘€

  • Dakota Johnson rocked up to the Gucci fashion show in Milan earlier this year in a totally see-through top and miniskirt.

  • In the pics from the event, the actress showed off how mega-toned she is, from her strong abs to her long, sculpted legs.
  • Dakota has worked with several celebrity trainers, and while she hasn’t shared a ton about her current routines, there have been some hints about her workout habits over the years.

Dakota Johnson may be camera shy, but make no mistake, this star knows how to have a fashion moment.

Dakota has definitely been stepping into her own in Hollywood these days. Her production company, TeaTime Pictures, just released its first-ever production, Slip, which is now on Roku, per TV Insider. And with all those big professional moves come lots of promos and events to attend. Case in point: Dakota showed up at the Gucci show in February wearing a super see-through β€˜fit from the designer that showed off her strong abs and legs for days.

In paparazzi pics from the event, Dakota was captured rocking a black Gucci blazer, miniskirt, knee-high boots, and a see-through top with a bralette. Here’s a photo from the event in case you missed it:

Dakota Johnson arrives at the Gucci show during Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023/24.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto

//Getty Images

And another shot:

gucci front row women's collection milan fashion week fallwinter 202324

Dakota at the Gucci show in Milan.

Jacopo M. Raule//Getty Images

If you’re wondering how Dakota gets so strong, Women’s Health has some insights for you. Although she hasn’t shared much about her current routines, it is a well-documented fact that Dakota has worked with a few different celebrity trainers over the years, like Gunnar Peterson and Kacy Duke.

These trainers shared with Vogue that when she was working with them, Dakota would focus on the β€œTriple A,” which stands for abs, arms, and a**. (That would definitely explain why Dakota is so toned in her Gucci outfit!) Their circuits included exercises like squats with twisting presses, so that Dakota could target and work different muscle areas at the same time.

While filming the 50 Shades franchise, Dakota worked with trainer Ramona Braganza five days a week. The pair focused on toning, but they also made sure to get Dakota moving for 30 minutes per day, Braganza told Cosmopolitan.“When you do the same exercises all the time, you begin to build muscle bulk,” she added. “Our goal was to tone her muscles, so we trained in different ways.”

As for her diet and nutritional needs, Dakota has stayed pretty mum. But she did work with Braganza while filming 50 Shades to make sure she was fueling herself properly. “It’s just proportions, when to eat, smaller meals, and more meals. So things like having three meals a day, two snacks, and a minimum of one liter of water a day,” Braganza told Women’s Health at the time.

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Dakota usually loaded up on carbs at breakfast time, with a bit of protein, like oatmeal and a poached egg. Braganza said she recommended the star eat lean meats, salads, and swap fried dishes for a grilled option.

Clearly, whatever Dakota is doing is working because she is super strong.

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