Emma Roberts Is Serving A Major Look With Epic Legs In This Miniskirt IG Pic

Emma Roberts Is Serving A Major Look With Epic Legs In This Miniskirt IG Pic

Emma Roberts Is Serving A Major Look With Epic Legs In This Miniskirt IG Pic
  • Emma Roberts got busy showing off her super sculpted legs in a cute, green miniskirt set while promoting her new movie.
  • The actress, 31, is all about getting outside for fresh air and exercise, whether that means hiking or skiing.
  • Emma also really enjoys doing sound baths, which is a healing, meditative practice that involves listening to resonant sounds.

Emma Roberts has been busy promoting her new movie, Maybe I Do, and coming up with her own captions for all those Instagram posts seems like it’s been a total bear. So, Emma’s throwing this one out to the Internet.

In a new post, the 31-year-old actress dropped two photos of herself in a cool green miniskirt and matching blazer. In the first, Emma is perched on a ledge with her super toned legs in front of her, while the second is a closeup of her gorgeous hair and makeup.

“Caption contest 💚 must include the word green ☘️,” she wrote. Some people weighed in, and others focused on something else. “Wow, gorgeous girl!” said Odette Annable, while someone else simply chimed in with, “👑👑👑👑👑👑.”

Emma previously told Shape that she works with trainer Andrea Orbeck “because I need to get my cardio.” Together, the two work out for an hour per session, focusing on Emma’s arms, abs, and booty.

Orbeck told SELF back in 2018 that Emma is “very athletic” and a “little dynamo.” And, according to Orbeck, the two usually do three circuits of three different strength-training workouts, with high-incline treadmill walking mixed in between.

Emma also leads an active lifestyle. She recently shared a photo of herself on a ski slope, noting that she’s “starting the year off right.” Skiing takes some serious thigh strength, and it’s a great way to tone your lower body while getting some fresh air in your lungs.

In another shot posted just days before that, she can be seen hiking with some gorgeous mountain scenery in the background.

But Emma isn’t always on the go. She told Women’s Health that she loves to do sound baths to relax. In case you’re not familiar, a sound bath is a healing practice that involves lying down and listening to resonant sounds, usually from a vibrating “singing bowl.”

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“I recently discovered sound baths and fell in love because I found I could go to a place of meditation and rest that I wasn’t getting with silent or guided meditations,” she said. “I can do a five- minute sound bath; I can do a 10-minute one; or I can do an hourlong one. I didn’t realize they were so easy to find online.”

Maybe I Do drops next week—cannot wait!

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