ICYMI, Irina Shayk Just Posted A Topless Pic On IG With Super Strong Abs

ICYMI, Irina Shayk Just Posted A Topless Pic On IG With Super Strong Abs

  • Irina Shayk just dropped some photos on Instagram from her trip to France, and she included a topless pic in the roundup.
  • In the photo, the model, 37, showed off her totally sculpted abs in a mirror while covering her breasts.
  • Irina is all about female empowerment, and she loves a good infrared sauna sesh.

Doing your daily skincare routine while wearing opera gloves and fancy pants? I’ll have what Irina Shayk is having. The 37-year-old model posted a little round up of pictures from her recent trip to Paris and is looking elegant as ever, as she showed off her super strong abs with a mirror selfie.

“Paris ….The sweetest taboo… felling Sade,” Irina captioned the set of photos of her living it up in France. And while the caption’s meaning is a little unclear, one thing is clear: She has totally sculpted abs.

The photo dump included a bunch of shots of Irina posing in an all black outfit in what appear to be luxe French living arrangements. The crème de la crème was one photo in the middle of the slides, which featured Irina wearing nothing but black bell bottoms, elbow length gloves, and a sheet mask.

Irina’s followers seemed to agree, filling the comments with flames, hearts, and compliments for the model. “So beautiful irina 🖤✨” one person wrote. And the fire emojis were everywhere.

If you’re wondering how the model and mother keeps her core so tight, you’ve come to the right place! Women’s Health has the scoop.

She shared with WH in 2016 that while you’ll never catch her on a treadmill, she trains in jiu-jitsu. She also loves barre, and uses that as a way to tone throughout the week, as well.

When she’s not working out, Irina told W Magazine that she often settles in for an infrared sauna sesh. “This is my new obsession,” she told the outlet. “My friend introduced me to it. It heats you up from the inside. You get rid of toxins from the inside out. It makes you really sweat, but it’s not workout sweat. I go once or twice a week when I’m in New York, and I feel like that’s my workout.”

More recently, in 2021, she talked about what it was like to start modeling as a teen. Luckily for Irina, she had a healthy self esteem and didn’t feel pressure to lose weight or change her physical appearance.

“I think the industry’s changing for the better. Back then it was so different: it was a map; it was no Instagram, no Facebook, the clients couldn’t say, “She has that big following, and she’s popular on Facebook, let’s book her.” All you had were your pictures and what you had to say. And I could not say anything,” she shared with British Vogue. (Irina, who grew up in Russia, spoke Russian at the time).

As one of the world’s most sought-after models, she had a refreshing take on what it means to have sex appeal. “Sexy is not just a push-up bra, red lips, high heels and big hair. It’s an oversized man’s suit. It’s sweatpants. I’ve never met a woman who isn’t sexy,” she shared with W.

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Irina continued the empowerment theme in her interview with Vogue, saying, “Women are powerful, and we just have to embrace who we are.”

Love to see it! Keep being you, Irina.

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