Kiernan Shipka’s Mega-Sculpted Abs In This Iconic IG Photo Are 😱🔥

  • In case you weren’t aware,

    Kiernan Shipka is no stranger to an epic abs moment.

  • The actress just dropped a photo on Instagram from a trip with clothing brand MaxMara, and her chic bandeau top put her sculpted abs on *full* display.
  • Kiernan puts in hard work at the gym, and has worked with celeb-fave trainer Harley Pasternak.

Kiernan Shipka knows how to serve a certified fashion moment, and that’s exactly what the star did at her latest red carpet appearance. The 23-year-old actress rocked a pair of low-rise white pants with a black bandeau top to the Max Mara fashion show, and her super-toned abs were on full display.

“Thank u @maxmara… great show and an unforgettable weekend. 💐🇸🇪,” she captioned the photo. Of course, the star’s fans and followers loved her gorgeous look, and they made sure to let her know in the comments section. “Look at that cheeky little grin! Exquisite!” commented one follower. Another went for a simple “WOW.”

But back to those mega-toned abs… If you want to know what this actress does to get them so chiseled, I promise, you’re not alone.

For starters, you should know that Kiernan puts in some serious work for those muscles in her sessions with celeb-fave trainer Harley Pasternak. He has trained some major stars over the years. I’m talking the likes of Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Jessica Simpson, and Halle Berry, per Shape. So, safe to say, Kiernan is definitely in good hands!

Together, the two have worked to master the Nordic hamstring curl, which Pasternak says is one of the most intense and isolated hamstring exercises possible. In a clip of Kiernan on IG, she kneels and places her legs between leg-curl cushions before slowly lowering her body until her hands touch the ground. She then moves on to Romanian deadlifts with some 45-pound weights, and crushes those as well. Phew!

It’s no surprise her trainer calls Kiernan the “Queen of lean and mean hamstrings” in his Instagram caption. These require some serious leg and core strength! In another video, Pasternak notes that “in over 28 years of training people, I have never seen a person do Nordic curls as well as [Kiernan].” Now that’s something to be proud of!

And with just one glance at the star’s IG profile, it’s clear all that abs work is, well, working! She puts her core on full display quite a lot. Case in point:

When it comes to staying fueled for those intense workouts, Kiernan has a passion for vegetables and follows an Ayurvedic approach to her eating, she shared with Byrdie. ICYDK, an “Ayurvedic approach” is an ancient diet that stems from Indian philosophy and promotes eating certain types of foods based on your energetic body type. Kiernan stays very present when she selects her produce.

“I’m so into vegetables. I could go so far as to say that I go to the farmer’s market and let the vegetables speak to me,” she told the website.

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Kiernan also shared that she’s really into roasted celery, and I must say I am intrigued by her explanation. “It’ll change how you look at celery. Because right now you look at it like ants on a log, and that only goes so far. But if you toss it with some good-quality oil, salt, pepper, even get some oregano and thyme up in there, and then roast it at 400º for like 45 minutes, you’re gonna love celery all of a sudden,” Kiernan told Byrdie.

Kiernan is strong and glowing, and it’s beautiful to see. Go, Kiernan, go!

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